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Zero-G PvP shooter that sold 100K in a day is closing after a year—publisher blames developer, developer blames them right back, players just review bomb it
  • That was what i heard but i just looked more into it and it's 10 thousand monthly players with 1000 concurrent players wich is still really good! Gorilla tag is at 1300 concurrent players on steam right now. There might be 10x that on the quest platform. Meta didn't like that their game wasn't as successful as the monke game.

  • There are three of them!
  • “Do you call two several?”

    “Well, no. As a matter of fact there were more than two.”

  • Zero-G PvP shooter that sold 100K in a day is closing after a year—publisher blames developer, developer blames them right back, players just review bomb it
  • It sounds like you are talking about echo arena VR but that was purely a meta decision if not just andrew bosworth's idea to shut down the game for only having around 10k concurrent players wich is huge for a pvp VR game.

  • Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Working on New Headset 'Driven by Military Requirements'
  • He showed off a prototype of this headset a while ago wich would kill the user upon death in the game.

  • hooooly shit! has anyone else played journey?
  • Are there still enough players to always connect you to someone else?

  • Miyazaki wants to 'sharpen' Bloodborne and Sekiro's combat philosophy in his next games
  • That's my reminder that i have yet to beat genichiro... i'll start a new game after the DLC.

  • ALVR: SteamVR Streaming For Apple Vision Pro Now On App Store
  • I've seen that ALVR does some really good gesture based controller emulation. Not perfect i'm sure but maybe some games would work with that.

  • [Community Challenge 39] Hybrid Animals
  • Prompt: Giraffe mixed with tardigrade, waterbear micro organism, tardigrade body, full body view bumpy sectional body.

  • Netflix moving games boss Mike Verdu to new role
  • I don't know of anything else as well from steam. Seems like they are doing pretty good lol

  • Astro Bot Will Get Free Post-Launch DLC
  • I mean they are trying to add value to the psvr2 with a PC module so why not take a VR game, make it flatscreen then add VR back in after.

  • Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • I'm starting a new character for the dlc and i have to say they did improve the quests compared to the launch version. They added a lot of markers on the map to make them easier to follow.

  • Quest's Web Browser Gets Netflix Support
  • I abandoned that idea and just started my own collection of 3D blu-rays. I'm around $600 deep with a software and a blu-ray reader for my PC. They look really good. My favorites so far are zootopia, prometheus and shrek 1. They have incredible 3D effects for VR.

  • MudRunner VR Adapts The Off-Road Vehicle Sim Today On Quest
  • Meta started releasing a bunch of games on the PC app so every time i see a cool game they release i go look there but unfortunately this one isn't available there.

  • Gandalf the Suede
  • Yea sure, wizard my ass. Famous last words told to a wizard.

  • This makes it seem much worse than it is
  • I prefer black lines in my censoring.