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Like Wallace and Gromit but instead of cheese it's biscuits.

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weird looking gear
  • I have hifiman Sundara and KZ ZS10. Both excellent and great value.

  • Never seen the show, but come on Costume Department, you can do better
  • I also liked it. I enjoyed it more than the hobbit movies.

  • Work from home
  • I know somebody who does this and accidentally racked up a £3,500 phone bill while on holiday. He was accidentally using the wrong SIM for data.

  • Work from home
  • I have two phones. A personal one and one provided by my company. I like being able to turn off my work phone when on holiday, etc and keep my personal life separate.

    I do know a lot of people who sold their personal phones when given a work phone and use it for both. Saves some money I guess but no thanks.

    I also know people who have two phones but install all the work apps on their personal phones to make it easier for them. No thanks!

  • World Naked Bike Ride returns to Madison despite controversy
  • When I click on the link I get this

    "451: Unavailable due to legal reasons

    We recognize you are attempting to access this website from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) including the EU which enforces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore access cannot be granted at this time. For any issues, contact [email protected] or call 608-271-4321."

    Does that mean they don't give the opt-out cookie usage prompt and therefore sticking tracking cookies on users PC?

  • Why anxiety makes you notice more negative things
  • That was a really interesting video and made me look at myself a lot. Recently my doctor put me on medication for anxiety. I never realised how badly it was affecting me, and like this video explains, I was looking for reasons to explain to myself why I was feeling wrong which self perpetuated the feeling. The worse part is while I didn't understand why, I did recognise that I need to stop focusing on the bad stuff but I couldn't break out of the cycle.

  • Omagh hum: Source of mystery noise traced but not made public
  • Years ago around Swanage and the surrounding areas there was low humming, I'm thinking early 2000's. It was speculated it was caused by oil drilling in the nearby area but nothing was ever confirmed. I seem to remember it popped up now and then in local newspapers. But again, nothing confirmed.

    BP were operating in the local area at the time...

    Slightly unrelated but the same speculated site, now operated be Perenco, had an oil leak quite recently into Poole harbour. I don't know if that was fixed fast but the news came and went very quicky. Nobody talks about it now. Perhaps it wasn't as bad as it was first thought. I don't know.

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • You're not wrong but I realised my niece doesn't have that level of responsibility. If there's a smelly bin she'll just expect her mum to sort it out or disappear so she doesn't have to deal with it.

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • My sister once asked if I could help with the kitchen sink in her house as it was blocked. I started taking waste pipes off and quickly realised there's a bunch of sardines stuck in one pipe. Her 15 year old daughter had shoved fish down the waste pipe of the sink rather than putting them in the bin. I still can't understand the logic in her head. Surely it's more difficult to push fish through the small holes at the bottom of the sink than it is to take 2 steps towards the bin.

  • What is an experience of racism you have faced ?
  • My wife is Asian and we live in the UK. Quite often when we meet people who instead of simply asking "what sort of job do you do" they ask things like "Do you work in the NHS", "Are you a nurse", "Do you work in a care home".

    Some random person outside a shop asked me how much my Asian bride costs.

    My wife and son were getting off a bus and somebody asked her how much would she sell her son for.

    Probably a bunch more but that's all that comes to mind atm.

  • Freeze [Daily Obstruction]
  • Swamy, Slippy, Slappy, Swenson

  • Freeze [Daily Obstruction]
  • Like Mary Swanson

  • It doesn't quite work any other way
  • And there's only a 50% chance of that.

  • Why Greggs is beating Pret in the battle of the lunch break
  • Greg's also have placed on industrial estates, motor ways, town centres, etc. They've made it so anybody can easily access them. I can't even think of any prets near where I live. Probably is but perhaps it blend into the background.

  • Ant smell
  • Flashing lights. I have to try that now.

    Years ago me and my sister walked through our newly built town centre together. They had installed bright white stone on the ground and both of us couldn't stop sneezing (sunny day, stone reflects sun back up). It's not as shiny now it's not new but I hate walking through that area to this day.

  • Ant smell
  • Same for me. If I feel a sneeze coming on I look at a bright light to hurry it up. I thought this was normal but appetite isn't.

  • Google is losing it
  • I got exactly the same. Firefox on android and in the UK. Perhaps it's regional.

  • Google is losing it
  • I just searched the same words and got the same text.

  • Make it stop
  • Fat and stupid.

  • This used book that I bought for 12£ on the internet was apparently previously bought from Oxfam for 1.99£
  • I'm curious, why are you putting the £ symbol after the number and not before?

  • Second hand EV?

    I've seen a 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Premium SE fairly local and under £14,000 and under 30kiles. I've no idea what to look out for when buying used.

    Any advice or thoughts on used ev's? Does mileage mean much. I suppose battery condition would be the main concern?