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Fewer people in the US plan to buy EVs this year, study shows
  • I've been actively suggesting to those who ask my opinion that they should wait until 2025 and more models coming out with NACS charging integrated. Tesla may be a shitshow but you can't (yet) beat the charging infrastructure and adapters are never as good.

    Also, the market is changing so rapidly that it's hard to justify most of the current offerings.

  • Elon Musk publicly dumped California for Texas—now Golden State customers are getting revenge, dumping Tesla in droves
  • You have exactly summed up my views. I currently have a 2020 MY and it convinced me that I probably won't buy another ICE vehicle. With all the crap coming out of Tesla and Musk lately, I also can't imagine getting another Tesla.

    I'm just waiting for NACS to be built in and hoping today's layoff news doesn't ruin that as well...

  • Looking for Cloud Storage Replacement, but I don't like NextCloud
  • I haven't tried it but it can theoretically support webdav. You can also mount it read only via fuse with a bit of effort.

    Those are both on my list of things to experiment with. I love the speed but I miss the real files of NextCloud.

  • Help me understand contacts, calendar and caldav/cardav
  • This is what I do. DAVx5 works well as long as you're ok withiut realtime sync (you can pick how fast you want it). I would love to see Fastmail build the support I to their own app but that's not where we're at.

  • Pants
  • I've had a fair amount of Prana clothing that I've worn extensively. It is some of the most comfortable stuff I own but most of the pants are starting to wear out. I'm not sure exactly how old they are but I would guess 3-5 years and generally heavy use.

    Specifically I think I have Bridger jeans and Vaha pants but I could be mistaken about the branding.

  • Unraid OS version 6.12.3 available

    The 6.12.3 release includes a set of bug fixes for networking and Docker. All users are encouraged to upgrade. Please refer also to the 6.12.0 Announcement post. Upgrade steps for this release As always, prior to upgrading, create a backup of your USB flash device: "Main/Flash/Flash Device Settin...