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UK cabinet minister calls shoulder surfer ‘little weirdo’
  • Why would pensioners be less likely to have a driving licence?

    Also it's pretty clear tories are targetting their voters as no other bus passes are included or basically any IDs that would predominantly be carried by younger people.

  • UK cabinet minister calls shoulder surfer ‘little weirdo’
  • So I had understood that from the publicity, basically passport, driving licence, or their special new national ID that's definitely not a National Identity Card.

    However, the list now includes lots of documents that only pensioners have, senior bus passes and 60+ rail cards etc. Since when was a buss pass a valid form of ID? It's very weird.

  • How Israel twists antisemitism claims to project its own crimes onto Palestinians
  • They've been doing this definition thing for a long time, I personally think their accusations of Anti-Semetism based on this twisted definition had a large influence on the last UK elections, which has led to both major parties being pro-Israel now.

  • Season 1 (Series 14) Episode 4: "73 Yards"
  • Why was the old woman causing people to abandon Ruby? There was no hint I could figure as to why that might be happening.

    On the BTS ep Russell said that he didn't want to reveal it because the audience thinking "What could someone say to make a mother reject her daughter" is so much creepier than any reveal could be. It's got me thinking.

  • Conservatives plan to bring back mandatory National Service
  • People aren't reading. It's a national service where you volunteer for something. 30,000 spots are in the military but theres around 700k kids turning 18 each year, other spots are the NHS, fire service, etc.

    I think it's a daft gimmick, but it's not a draft.

  • Episode Discussion | Doctor Who | 1x03 "Boom"
  • There was a bit where he tapped it and you could see it was surrounded by glass, then the metal bit was a screw lid. Not sure really why that's less creepy but up to then I was cringing every time he touched the eye.

  • Episode Discussion | Doctor Who | 1x03 "Boom"
  • Were you seeing it as a sort of squished body? I thought that from the beginning but then I realised the body was in a jar and that made it less creepy to me.

    Might just be me there though.

  • What's the most expensive thing you've come to own that you've never gotten to fully use?
  • There are 100% shelters that let you take pets, there's also organisations that foster pets for people escaping abuse.

    The statement about haunting you to the end of the earth is a giant red flag. You need to get away. He's dangerous.