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Worldbuilder, naturalist, general nerd for history, politics, and natural sciences. Serious lurker, but seeking to be more active in growing communities. Message me with new ideas or communities to join!

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A brutal DM
  • Szass Tam did nothing wrong

  • [Unpredictable Thread] What are you reading? 9th Nov
  • I'm reading the Cradle series by Will Wight. Some great progression fantasy, currently on book 5, Ghostlight.

  • Man crushed to death by robot in South Korea
  • It's a safety procedure: if equipment is faulty, you lock the controls with a special device to render it unusable until it is serviced, and a tag accompanies the lock to show when the service call was placed. If locking is impossible, just the tag will suffice.

  • How would you incorporate plate tectonics in your world?
  • I had originally done quite a bit of tinkering with tectonics for my world's map, but found I wasn't getting the results I was looking for/getting frustrated with just how much was involved to feasibly replicate it.

    I found my fantasy solution: while the world was still molten hot from its creation, great elder beasts were plopped down on it, and in their ensuing melee, the mountains, hills, oceans, and trenches were formed. Their now dead forms can still be found on the world, many of the largest mountain ranges, island chains, and deep sea trenches found along their breadth.

    I didn't really answer your question, but you had me thinking of bashing my head against my keyboard for a couple of weeks some time ago!

  • WIP Wednesday - Spring Shawl
  • Is this corner to corner? How is it working with that? I've never tried it.

  • UBI Cash Payments Reduced Homelessness, Increased Employment in Denver
  • absolute gonk>

    I gotta start using that!

  • UBI Cash Payments Reduced Homelessness, Increased Employment in Denver
  • I love what you said about believing in agency: knowing what power is ultimately in our hands would change the world for the better.

  • UBI Cash Payments Reduced Homelessness, Increased Employment in Denver
  • German politics and energy consumption aside, I think they have the best base of knowledge for what your proposed economic model has in store for them and their allies. They had that model forced upon them, and fought for change and economic freedom. There was a freaking wall dividing their country over that.

    Don't shitpost on good discussion please.

  • What's the closest you have ever been to actually dying?
  • Very similar experience in 2012ish, definitely had a rough time of it. That's when I learned I have a deadly allergy to penicillin.

  • Live your best life
  • You're definitely thinking of T1, or health class and the Internet lied to me all my life. Come to think of it...

    But for sure you can get T2 from making unhealthy choices with sugar consumption.

  • this OST is legendary
  • This is a top tier meme format for music communities. Making me need to dive into more game OSTs.

    If anyone is on the hunt for good ones, Brad Derrick did some incredible work for Elder Scrolls Online. It's all fantasy sounds, but an excellent source of ambience for the TTRPG player. A two album set for the base game, and an album for each expansion. It's some 10 hours of solid work!

  • Connect A Song DerKriegs

    Asia - Heat of the Moment

    The countdown being complete (good work btw), I'm seeing the continental connection.

    What hobby of yours do you wish more people were into?
  • It did just that for me, gets those creative juices flowing!

  • What are your Creation Myths/Stories?
  • Sounds like a piece of work, this guy... Might as well enjoy the ride in the meantime I suppose!

    And thanks! Definitely was going for a high mythology feel for the creation. And history always seems to be quite accidental in our world, so why not superimpose our fantasy conceits upon it?

  • What are your Creation Myths/Stories?
  • Indarra - Industrial Revolution Low Fantasy

    The Maiden, first of the darkness, set out to achieve her works, though none were around to witness, to praise. She lit the Great Forge, the Sun, and went to work forging a powerful blade. Assembling floating specks of matter from the darkness, the Maiden created Indarra, the First Blade. As she quenched the gleaming metal in the void, the slag from the blade took form and the world was created as she pulled Indarra free.

    Great elemental beasts of fire, earth, and air were born to the molten orb, thrashing about the surface in a frenzy, dazed by their sudden creation. Intrigued by her accidental creation, the Maiden took her blade and cut into the void, drawing its ichor, and the liquid poured forth onto the world becoming water. The last elemental beast was born, and its balancing influence calmed the skys, contained the earth, and extinguished the flame.

    There's a bit more going on after this, another sword created, etc. But that felt long enough for a comment. Came up with a bit of new stuff while fleshing this out for typing, thanks for the post! Also quite liked your story, the creation of Mechanus in particular. Kelaster gives me Loki/coyote trickster vibes, but not to be scorned by mortals.

  • What are your Creation Myths/Stories?
  • AvengersPantheon: Civil War, I like it! Could make for a baller Capcom-esque fighting game. But I like the vibe here, though a question. Was Change being born the impetus for these other gods to come about? Like, Change peeling out of the cosmos ripped up some "divine magic gunk" and these other beings were born? Or is that not quite right?

  • What hobby of yours do you wish more people were into?
  • If you're looking for a TTRPG and not wanting to worry about the lfg hassle, check out Ironsworn! Grimdark low fantasy, playable in solo or co-op. Just takes some getting used to, and reading lots of player advice, but playing solo become very easy if you already have that rpg brain leading the way. Also free materials online, but I bought the core rules and the "dungeon" expansion hardcopies for about $50 (USD).

    I've since converted a couple of things and am solo playing to beef up the plot of a book I'm writing in a world I've been working on for about 5 years. Makes that process engaging for the gamer side of me!

    Can't help you with the bees, I'm afraid...

  • you're already extracting my surplus value don't try to extract my soul
  • I'm a department manager where I work, so not very high on the ladder, but I run a 14 person team. That being said, I get where you're coming from. I'd never try to be my employee's friend, though I am most certainly friendly. I might grab a beer with one or two of them every now and again (usually on me, as why not?)

    It's a hard line to tow, as I'd like to think of myself as a pretty agreeable person that wants to connect with people, and I've done that to an extent with my team. It has made certain work facets difficult though, especially "behavioral notices" and the like.

  • Theme: Moon
  • Thanks, that means a lot! Love that imagery for sure.

    I originally had it in mind to do those as lyrics, but sort of lost the thread in terms of what's "supposed" to be played underneath them. Was tinkering with the just the chords, but decided to post. I might give it another shot before the Wednesday.

  • Theme: Moon
  • [Phase] (Folk?) [Themed]

    New to posting, new to music creation. I've always loved instruments, but have only recently started to take any playing seriously. This is a stick dulcimer I'm playing, sort of a light weight version of the standard instrument.

    Have always loved looking at the moon, gave the "song" a whistful vibe. Instrumental, though I wrote a poem to accompany it, in the description of the song on SoundCloud. Only a minute long, but this is the first thing of this sort I've done before.

    A bit of an early upload, but I'd love to hear tips on what I could be doing differently.