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It can!
  • Oh my god yes. Watch it. You'll be so happy you did. Riot did a fantastic job relaying such raw emotions through animation. If you know the game, then you'll know some of the characters but it truly doesn't matter if you do or don't.

  • It can!
  • I'm really enjoying it so far! I've never been into the fallout games but I have dabbled with 3 for a few hours. I can tell that if feels like they really care about the source material. They captured the look and feel of bringing a video game to TV. The cinematography and set designs are absolutely fantastic!

  • Study reveals "widespread, bipartisan aversion" to neighbors owning AR-15 rifles
  • Ahh you see, in America corporations do count as people!

    Seriously though, as someone who has been personally affected by a US mass shooting, the ban can't come fast enough but I know it'll never happen without a massive overhaul of our political system which I don't see happening anytime soon...

  • New grow is underway - Day 4!

    Got (5) Majestic Thai and (5) Strawberry Milk and Qookies Remixed, both from Night Owl Seeds! Majestic Thai is Daz's first released photoperiod that have only been sent out to 100 people.

    FX3 Seed to Harvest

    This was my first time growing Solfire and I am impressed. This shit was super vigorous and didn't flinch at anything I threw at them. I finished setting up my flood and drain setup a few weeks into flower so I was able to finish them out on easy street.

    100% coco Bottom feed with Canna Coco A+B, Rhizotonic and Calmag. RO water

    Planted germed seeds September 6th Finished trimming February 3rd

    Final Yield: 1.49g/watt Plant 1 = 125g Plant 2 = 126g Plant 3 = 136g Plant 4 = 61g... ಠ_ಠ

    20g of kief after one pass in the trim bin from each plant. I could probably get a ton more but the rest of the trim is used for butter.

    Ready for planting! !

    In their starter pots !

    Week 2 veg !

    Week 4 veg !

    Transplant day !

    Moved into 3x3 !

    First major defol - Day 14 of flower !

    Hints of purple !

    Fully bounced back !

    Day 21 defol !

    Week 5 flower !

    Week 6 flower !

    Week 8 flower !

    Week 10 flower !

    Cola Porn ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Trim bin after trimming !

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