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Honestly, I am mostly here for fun. If you see me writing some outrageous shit, most probably did so to see reactions of people.

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British cuisine is like...
  • I was there 7 years ago. I love bread and all forms of buns. I am an absolute fanatic. I cannot eat English bread, tho. It's straight up vile to me. :< Like, I cannot say anything bad about everything else in there. But the bread is so terrible...

  • Povertymaxxed and bolognapilled
  • Reminds me when I got off diet. I was so desoerate that I took a whole ass bread, cut it horizontally, put a lot of veggies and meat inside and ate it in one go.

    God it felt good.

    God my stomach hurt.

  • Scary
  • I...still cannot wrap my head around the fear of death. If you're dead, that's it, done, your warranty is void and all that. What to fear?

    I fear consequences of my death - shit people close to me will be put through. But death itself? It's like fearing time. Shit's just there, always was, always will be, touches all of us and nobody can do shit bout it.

  • gotdamn
  • The only "unneeded" abortions are those that are forced on the mother against her will.

    Abortion is killing off another human being, so it's not really that black and white. Also, I agree that forced abortions are, at the very least, unneeded.

    The only "help" our hypothetical victim has requested is an abortion, and she hasn't requested it from you.

    What I meant by help is therapy, societal support and the like. If we just presume that every woman wanting abortion is a rape victim, these forms of help would loose support due to lessening the weight of situation.

    Why are you choosing to involve yourself?

    The only place I chose to involve myself initially was in calling a human being brought into this world through people knowing what they are doing a parasite.

    I'll stop you right there.

    It was you who wanted to kniw my rationale. I simply responded.

    As our situation does not involve anyone accused of a criminal act, there is no valid justification to presume consent.

    Meanwhile, however, you require others to presume that there's a rape victim. This means there's criminal act, and thus is a valid justification.

    If your personal code of morality only allows you to accept abortion in the case of non-consent, you may presume non-consent. You can satisfy your own morality by accepting the possibility that she was raped, and just doesn't want to talk about it. You can simply presume she meets your arbitrary criteria; you have no need to actually prove her status to any degree of certainty.

    I'll be honest, only at this point I actually got what you are going for, but sadly, it applies both ways and depends highly on someones morality. While I cannot say in good faith that I would choose life of an unborn baby over it's mothers health - be it mental or physical - there are people whose moral compas wouldn't allow to simply accept killing off such child. There are also more reasonable - in ny opinion - people who simply don't want us to kill off unborns due to the mere convienience.

    My point from the get go was, however, to not treat creating a new living being from activity meant for doing just that as a surpise and/or punishment. For people to think about what they are doing, and what consequences may be.

  • gotdamn
  • About presuming she met any criteria: If our aim is to limit unneeded abortions, then this approach is not only invalid, but also damaging. It will work against the target of removing casual abortions while also removing a lot of weight behind act of rape. The second part is dangerous because it could lessen actual amount of help for victims. Also, this means that woman would have to prove she's a victim - by gaining second opinion, most probably with the help of police, maybe could be done by medical specialist. I'd honestly rather lean onto the other, to remove need for criminal investigation if such is unwanted by victim.

    About last point: I choose to presume consent because great majority of children is conceived consensually, and as such this is default, and I'd treat a rape victim as a rape victim, not much to say about that one. Case by case.

  • gotdamn
    1. I didn't aim to proclaim "women need to admit to rape to get healthcare". I countered instead calling fetus a rapist - an actively and wholly out of control of a woman agressor. No, unethical situations aside, both parties knew what consequences are there. No use getting pissed at someone/thing because of your own stupidity.

    2. I put rape aside because it wasn't aimed at discussing this part in depth but...if you want, why not. First of all, women, as you wrote, are not obligated to admit to being a victim of rape. And yes, in the way I described it above, it's suggested that rape victims are entitled to abortion. However, the mental jump to then switching the logic around that any woman looking for abortion was raped is simply illogical in the same manner that saying only alcoholics buy alcohol is. In the dystopian version of the world where abortion is fully illegal except for unexpected and unethical situations like rape, I think that yes, women would have to admit to being a victim to receive medical help. There's simply hardly any other way.

  • gotdamn
  • I slightly do troll - in a sense of presenting fully opposite view to the one provided.

    And the"rape aside" is meant to do the heavy lifting. It's there as a heavy notion that shit happens. Forced sex, rapid health declination, getting too drunk to think logicaly (...although from what I know, then it's also rape, no? Or I misunderstood), or simply finding out your body can't handle birth. These are all valid reasons for abortion.

    But by all means, consequence of sex is having a child, and people - this is my own fully subjective opinion - seem to be bewildered by this notion. By all means, people always should take into account that sex ends with children without precautions, and still may end with children with, and be responsible about it. Not call a consequence of their actions a parasite.

  • gotdamn
  • I love that bait, hahah. Rape aside, woman had to take into account possibility of a child when she had sex. Same with her partner. Sorry, but that's the biological reason sex even exists, and denying it because we found good methods of contraception does nothing because even these methods are being advertised as not 100% effective.

    So, no victims there other than the poor unborn child.

  • You can fit two cars there
  • Honestly, they know that. But fashion is fashion, and people's desire is rarely logical. So that barrier...I don't think it will work any better than actual idiot tax. The only offputting thing would be price.

  • Weird game behaviour

    Sooo...I'd normally look around the web to see if someone had something similiar happen to it but I am not sure how to put it in querable sentence...

    Basically maps are out of wack when my partner plays. Lua infiltration? Some doors you need to unlock, she has unlocked from the start - the chandelier thingy you need to shoot down to punch a hole in the floor? It's down at the start of the game for her. On the other hand on Zariman we found out she has some of the maintenance passages closed, even though they're open for me. not sure what the heck is going on. Did someone had something like this happen to them? Her game updates normally so I dunno if it's something in the settings or what.