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US drug control agency will move to reclassify marijuana in a historic shift, AP sources say
  • PrOtEsTiNg Is NiCe AnD dAnDy, BuT hOw EfFeCtIvE hAs It BeEn LaTeLy?

    Looks pretty effective.

    Call me naive and ignorant, all you want. Many of the policies that have positively shaped anything over the past 50 years are being undone, in a quick and dramatic fashion like Roe v. Wade. We're governed by chriso-fascists, anti-intellectuals, or the elderly in every branch of government. The only things that happen slowly are the things designed to benefit the many and are only passed because of concessions to benefit the few. It's an open secret you can bribe congress and Supreme court justices without consequences. Appointing unqualified judges to supreme and federal courts gets you a get out of jail free card.

    How can the working class hope to influence policy if everyone they elect (by overcoming voter surpression and gerrandering) or who is appointed can be "lobbied", bribed, blackmailed or given gifts to further their respective billionaires agendas?

    Given the results of the encampments and the results of our elected officials it looks like hitting the poles is > just misguided energy.

    One quick edit to say that everyone should still vote because we're all fucked if that fascist mango colored felon gets elected.

  • US drug control agency will move to reclassify marijuana in a historic shift, AP sources say
  • The youth are more than capable of understanding politics, and that’s a large reason they don’t engage. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the system is flawed and their votes in gerrymandered districts aren’t going to have a significant impact on elections, policy, laws, or the illegitimate court that subverts the will of the people.

    If protesting is what needs to be done to get politicians attention and potential change then that already is the more effective option.

  • Biden signs Ukraine aid, TikTok ban bills after Republican battle
  • If I gave your post a second glance instead of jumping straight to being snarky I could have avoided looking like an asshat.

    It beats the alternative of internet strangers thinking that I'm a fascist, besides to err is human

  • Regional pizza
  • Just steer clear of Imo’s. There’s plenty of great St. Louis Style pizza on the hill, at local bars/restaurants and Cecil Whittaker’s is the best local chain serving it. And when you do get it grab an order of Toasted Ravioli and Gooey Buttercake, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Capitalism indoctrination in progress.
  • Read the article, you're just saying stuff.

    Categorically false and not supported by the article. What you described is the negotiation process for anything. If your first ask in a wage negotiation isn't higher than your target you're doing it wrong.

    I never said there aren't other motivating factors to stay at a job. But saying it's not as important as people think is at best a bad faith argument. It's not up to you to decide what other people think, aside from the mountain of evidence otherwise.

    Either you're being purposely obtuse, you have some disgruntled employess, or you like the taste of boots. In any case, your comments aren't contributing anything meaningful to this conversation.

  • Capitalism indoctrination in progress.
  • 1.) A 5% raise doesn’t even cover inflation.

    2.) No one who is serious about wanting a pay raise to stay is asking for an 67% increase in pay.

    3.) Leaving because of pay is typically because someone is offering substantially more money/better benefits for a similar position.

    4.) You have it backwards you definitely worry about raises in pay, especially before you get a raise of $10-20k.

    5.) As someone who has made 60k/yr a raise of 6-10k would be more than enough incentive to stay. It would easily outpace inflation and reward someone who is doing well.