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Star Citizen is free this week, if you'd like to try it
  • Last time I tried to play this game I had to use a 7+ year old fix on their forums for memory management and change the page file to a stupidly massive size to keep it from crashing. Of course the neckbeard star citizen fanboys in game told me to "just buy more ram". Bitch, I already have 16GB of fucking fast ram I'm not trying to build a quantum computer for my star citizen fix!

  • Gaming with Wayland with NVidia 550 and 555 drivers
  • Latest mesa + plasma 6.1.1 = janky as well

    Window dodging recently broke on me so I can't dodge windows on any of the panels properly anymore, was working great on 6.1. Certain windows will cause the desktop to lock up and I can't click on any windows or icons in the panel task manager. The global menu only works half the time now. I'm getting severe mouse cursor stuttering on a 120Hz display on the desktop, certain games running proton that were fine before have micro stutter. It's been a pretty terrible experience on the AMD side recently.

  • Xbox Fans, How Do You Feel About The Future Of The Brand In 2024? - Pure Xbox
  • Xbox as a console is pretty much a dead platform, Xbox as a brand is still kicking and successful. That's kind of how I feel, if you want a console then you're better off buying a PlayStation but if you have hardware already and just want games then Xbox has a good platform with gamepass.

  • Decades later, John Romero looks back at the birth of the first-person shooter
  • So what happened to Blackroom? I'd love to know what happened to that game and the fallout of them pulling the Kickstarter. He clearly moved on to sigil but man I really think he could make a cool new IP with gzdoom if he actually tried, instead of just living in the past with sigil.

  • SteamOS 3.6.6 Preview for Steam Deck has fixes for ELDEN RING, system memory leak and more
  • If they upgraded to Wayland they would have to rework their streaming protocol to function with Wayland and probably several other things need to be reworked. I use plasma 6 with Wayland on my endeavor install, but I still can't use discord streaming or steam in home streaming without problems. The x11 to Wayland video bridge by the kde devs isn't even updated to work properly.

  • Introducing ink.key, a fediverse music collective/net label.
  • I've looked at revolt and well, when I tried using it it was filled with less than reputable individuals. I don't remember specifics but I remember noping the fuck off revolt real quick. If you want text chat, try matrix, if you want voice well, then idk what to say other than discord, team speak or guilded. Guilded is pretty cool, I actually like the client way better than discord but my friends all use discord and guilded isn't a huge platform. It is backed by the Roblox company so you at least know it's gonna be supported, but then again, it's the Roblox company...

  • Nearly 20% of Microsoft SQL Servers running have passed end of support
  • Because no one wants to learn something new like postgres, vendors haven't adopted other databases platforms other than SQL, and licensing is absolutely stupid expensive for SQL, so most companies just stay on what they currently run. It costs money to hire new employees who know other databases types, and it costs money to train current employees, it's just an absolutely stupid vicious cycle Microsoft has created. The barrier of entry for new versions of SQL is so high, that it's just not worth the hassle and the price.

  • Dragon Age: The Veilguard Doesn't Need To Be Baldur's Gate 3, It Needs To Be Golden Era BioWare - IGN
  • It doesn't need to go back to any era, it just needs to be good. I swear the Bioware hatred over the years could be some kind of case study for the mentally unstable. Everyone got butt-hurt over mass effect 3 and never let Bioware live it down.

    They've made one absolute shit game in Anthem, and yes I like Andromeda and love inquisition, and all of a sudden they're the worst company alive. Bungie has had more fuck ups than Bioware and they get a pass every time.

    Blizzard literally harasses women to the point of taking their own lives and they get a pass because "muh WoW is too valuable!". Still pissed no one is in jail for that bullshit, that woman's family needs some form of justice and it won't ever happen.

    Who cares if it's not like baldurs gate 3? If it's good then just enjoy the damn game, that's what it is, a video game.

  • Obsidian CEO responds to worries Xbox could shut them down, too: 'I'm not worried about tomorrow'
  • To be fair, if it weren't for pillars of eternity obsidian wouldn't be around today. It's a well known fact they've been in the situation of facing a studio closure multiple times. Fergus is well accustomed to these closures from all the way back at black Isle studios and interplay. I would imagine Microsoft is a much more reliable safety net than interplay every was.

  • Microsoft makes Recall ["Recall" is the name of the product] an optional feature on Copilot+ PCs after it 'heard a clear signal' from the public
  • This is why every PC should at the very least have a dual boot config these days with a Linux distro. Ubuntu, fedora, mint, pop, mx, it doesn't matter, take back your PC and have some kind of fallback in case Microsoft fucks your shit up, even Steve from gamers Nexus is considering ditching Windows for their office computers.

  • Dragon Age 4's New Name Is 'Dragon Age: The Veilguard,' First Gameplay Look Next Week
  • LOL no, you're just trying to farm the Bioware hate circle jerk. Inquisition was fine, mass effect 3 has the best gameplay and storylines of the original trilogy outside of the ending.

    Do better, this isn't Reddit, you don't have to "karma farm".

  • Dragon Age 4's New Name Is 'Dragon Age: The Veilguard,' First Gameplay Look Next Week
  • Look I get what you're saying, but they've realistically made two stinkers, Andromeda and anthem, and I actually like Andromeda not to mention it was made by a completely different and brand new studio that probably shouldn't have called themselves Bioware.

    I also enjoyed inquisition, it was fun and had a ton of commercial success as well as a really good final expansion that was universally praised. I get Anthem really burned a ton of bridges, but it's not on the scale that places like Reddit like to make you believe. The gameplay was legitimately fun, the story was awful and all over the place.

  • Microsoft to test “new features and more” for aging, stubbornly popular Windows 10
  • Gaming is absolutely there, if you want to say something about anti cheat and whatnot that's fair, but my gamescope enabled, AMD fsr utilizing arch install is performance parity to Windows 10, if not more performant. I'm not giving up that performance gain for an insanely small handful of games. You do you I guess.

  • Feeling lost and confused with life, need advice

    I'm a 37 year old IT Cloud Engineer, I have a great job, great house, love my family, but recently I lost my dad to cancer after a 16 year battle. My brother likes to say cancer had to cheat to win, it was all because he broke his back and had to be taken off his treatments for to long. Cancer is a fickle bitch...

    Prior to losing my dad, I lost my best friend, who apparently dropped dead in his backyard. I don't know the specifics and frankly I don't want to know. Either way, these events effected me, and I started having massive panic attacks and anxiety issues, constantly afraid for my health even though there's nothing wrong with me. It took a few months of therapy to realize I needed medical help.

    I was put on antidepressants and everything changed, I was a human again for the first time in like a decade. I was happy, I was successful, but now, idk if I'm just having a midlife crisis, or if maybe I'm just feeling depressed again, but I just feel lost. I've lost one of the few people in my life I've modeled my success after, my father, I lost the other person I could hang out with and empathize with, I have my wife and I love her to death, but my friend had been that person that was just there to hang out and make you feel better, and now they're gone. I'm still struggling to cope and it's just really hard and I need a place to vent.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to cope and move on as well as control the anxiety without the need to be medicated?

    TL;DR: Lost my dad and my best friend in the course of two years and it's been rough. Now I feel lost and confused constantly. Cloudy brain and I just don't want to be complacent in life and need some advice. Thanks for reading.

    Edit: just wanted to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I'm going to take the advice I've been given here to heart and try some new things to try and give me some direction. Thank you all again so much for the help, it really made me feel a lot better.


    OpenMW - An open source port of TES3 engine OpenMW

    An open-source "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" engine reimplementation

    OpenMW is an excellent version of Morrowind and arguably probably the best.


    MightyTeapot - Is the balance patch any good?

    Not sure if this is allowed but MT seems to be one of the more influential streamers for the game and I find his takes to be pretty accurate.