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North Dakotans Approve Age Limit for Members of Congress
  • You kinda didn't though? The age limit is 81. Retirement is 65. 16 years. That's someones childhood. That's longer than some peoples careers. Gotta start somewhere I guess. Impressed it happened, disappointed at the fine print. Nice headline though.

  • Google can keep your phone if you send it in for repair with non-OEM parts
  • Customer: my phone doesn't charge

    $100 USB charge board
    $50 labor
    $10 shipping $160 total

    Actual price:
    $120 Screen (OEM replacement)
    $75 fingerprint reader+assembly (OEM replacement) $40 speaker (OEM replacement)
    $100 USB charge board
    $120 labor
    $10 shipping
    $465 total

    I think most people would swallow the loss and use it as an excuse to upgrade. Use that same money for a new phone instead of a fixed phone

  • Google can keep your phone if you send it in for repair with non-OEM parts
  • If you send in a phone with non-OEM parts it's safe to assume that it's a bit on the older side. You're probably sending it in instead of buying a new phone because you can't find a repair shop that will work on your device because sourcing parts can be difficult for older devices. If you're suddenly hit with a bill that costs more than the value of a new phone, or at least a replacement, suddenly paying becomes questionable. But yeah, you're right. It feels like theft.

  • Lous Rossman on Spotify Car Thing E-Waste
  • The phrase "hill to die on" is perfect. It's a war term and that's what he's doing. Going to war against governments and companies on behalf of consumers. He just likes to record himself while he does it.

    He made a video about a real problem using recent headlines and you're upset that everybody else is doing it? You do realize this issue is so widespread that it has an entire logo dedicated to it on consumer products. Not that anybody notices. At the very least he is bringing attention to the issue.

    I do admit though, this man loves a good rant. This all comes from someone who doesn't really follow his career but is a fan of his work. Like you said, dude comes out of nowhere.

    Kinda unrelated but everyone should check out gray jay

  • Joe Biden expected to sign executive order to curb immigration
  • He said we already have a decline. He also pointed out that immigration is the current proposed solution. Republican solution is forcing women to not abort, even if it kills them. No exceptions. Both proposed solutions suck. This is a real life trolley problem.

    We shouldn't be closing borders, we shouldn't be killing mother's and children shouldn't be having kids. But here we are.

  • Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die
  • Over the years I have heard stories where Valve closes an account after the owners passing. This is usually because the poster said they had trouble with something and explained that the original owner passed. Valve then responds by closing the account and ignoring the issue.

    With that said I don't think large groups of people can effectively share a library/account because only one person can play at a time. Small groups like spouses, parents, siblings or a small friend group is doable because it is easier to coordinate who is gonna use the account at any given time. This is especially true if they live together.

    With the Deck, I have issues where I boot up a game on my living room PC and my Deck closes it's game making me lose progress on the Deck. Imagine that multiplied 20x. Getting kicked mid match, losing that boss fight, lose your high score, getting left on cliffhanger mid cutscene. The throw your controller rage stuff.