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Finally: ‘Fresh Kills’ Is the Best Mafia Movie in Ages
  • Its IMDb page is a bit sus: the reviews are an almost unbroken stream of gushing 10 star reviews, but there's plenty of people voting it 1 star too. Astroturfing or just polarising?

  • A cool guide collective Nouns for animal groups
  • What's the collective noun for a group of politicians?

  • “You Got This” Assures Father Who Doesn’t Know How To Help with His Son’s Algebra Homework
  • When Khan Academy was a big thing, there was talk of flipping teaching - having the homework be watching instructional videos (when you can pause, rewind and rewatch without embarrassment) and doing homework in school hours. It sounded quite good (at least for motivated kids (wasn't me)), but I guess it died on the vine.

  • Free speech enthusiast now up to three boycotts a week
  • DIY store Waitrose

    I don't get this joke - why is this (decidedly non-budget) supermarket a DIY store?

  • `Paged Out!` is a free experimental technical magazine
  • I really hope this is successful, it's really got the spirit of what made the early internet great.

  • Here's what's happening to ad blockers in Google Chrome (and other browsers)
  • That performance cost seems to be negligible in uBlock Origin and other popular ad blockers that have focused on optimization [...], but there were probably other extensions not doing that well.

    The article goes out of its way to not do what you're accusing it of. I don't understand how you've managed to read the article as having the opposite slant as what it actually does.

  • Apple announced RCS with a whimper when it should have been a bang
  • I assume you're in the US? Are you saying your iPhone customers were so prejudiced against green messages that they'd go with a different supplier/partner/whatever? Was it the friction of not having all the messaging features, or just that they thought all serious businesspeople used iPhones?

  • The Excel superstars throw down in Vegas
  • I started but then I noticed the scrollbar and realised it's a lot longer read than I have the attention for right now - to the "read later (yeah right)" pile with you!

  • Is Science Fiction Inherently Hopeful?
  • I think a lot of sci-fi is a warning, e.g. almost every distopian setting - I don't think that's hopeful, unless you argue that we're sensible enough to heed said warnings.

  • I made a tool to measure the battery impact of different Android web browsers - here's what I learned!
  • I'm curious to know the impact of ad-blockers - I didn't see you it mention in your post or blog, so I'm assuming you tested with stock browsers. Also, did you clear history and data from your Android install since it sounds like you'd normally use that?

    I'm assuming that ad-blockers would be a net benefit to both battery and performance, given that in a way it's an optimisation. The boost from removing data and computation (that the user doesn't want anyway) must be far higher than the overhead of the plugin, right?

  • Study Finds Midnight Is Perfect Time for Cat to Do 14 Laps of Room Really Fast
  • banging the feeder with their hands

    Where I'm from, cats have paws. (Also, I opt out of AI images showing human-handed cats, don't you dare)

  • Firefox development is moving from Mercurial to Git
  • So they're switching from using both Mercurial and Git to just Git... How did they end up using both? Was it just that each had its supporters so they just compromised and made everyone use both?

  • Mozilla reverses course, re-lists extensions it removed in Russia
  • Re your off-topic aside, it looks more like that user has been tagged as verbose (whether that mean long comments or a high volume of posts isn't clear).

  • ‘Jurassic World 4’ Set to Shoot in Thailand, Malta and U.K.
  • I thought Jurassic World Dominion was the final one? Wasn't that why they brought back so many of the original cast? And it was pretty terrible, and dragged heavily towards the end.

    Hollywood is addicted to established IPs, find some courage and be inventive again, please.

  • Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
  • You're forgetting about security updates, which would also be blocked. It's definitely more of a problem if the whole of Mozilla gets blocked than some plugins that have workarounds and alternatives.

  • Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
  • If Russia blocks security updates, that's worse for Russian users than having to go to GitHub to install a plugin.

  • Stargate SG-1 Creator Reveals Real-Life Star Wars Tech That Could’ve Made “All the Difference”
  • Nope, I was contrasting SG1 with Star Trek, which has filmed in the Bronson Canyon uncountable times (actually, I'm sure someone has counted).

  • xkcd #2944: Magnet Fishing
  • But occasionally you find $100000.

  • How to open the parent directory relative to the current buffer
  • % makes sense. I went with space+o for easier typing but it's hardly unambiguous.

  • xkcd #2942: Fluid Speech

    cross-posted from:

    > xkcd \#2942: Fluid Speech > > > > for \#2942 > > Alt text: > > Thank you to linguist Gretchen McCulloch for teaching me about phonetic assimilation, and for teaching me that if you stand around in public reading texts from a linguist and murmuring example phrases to yourself, people will eventually ask if you're okay.


    xkcd #2942: Fluid Speech

    xkcd \#2942: Fluid Speech for \#2942

    Alt text: > Thank you to linguist Gretchen McCulloch for teaching me about phonetic assimilation, and for teaching me that if you stand around in public reading texts from a linguist and murmuring example phrases to yourself, people will eventually ask if you're okay.


    xkcd #2937: Room Code

    Alt text:

    > Sorry to make you memorize this random string of digits. If it helps, it can also double as a mnemonic for remembering your young relatives' birthdays, if they happened to have been born on February 5th, 2018.


    Accents and pranks - an interview with Peter Jurasik & Wortham Krimmer

    While curious about the Centauri accent, I found this 2001 interview with Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari) and Wortham Krimmer (Cartagia).

    > The quick story about the accent, if I can tell you how I patchworked it together, is I was doing a play downtown, a Tennessee Williams play, and I worked really hard on a Memphis accent. I felt like I had really nailed it. But one L.A. critic nailed me and said, "That’s a terrible Memphis accent. That doesn’t sound like a Southern accent." I was really hurt. About that time was when "The Gathering," the pilot, showed up. I called Joe and said, "What do you want me to sound like?" He said, "Let him sound like whatever you want," so I purposely took a couple of different things. There’s a character who plays the parole officer in A Clockwork Orange, the guy who’s always saying, "And night-time is the best time, um, yes?" I took my Czechoslovakian grandmother. I had spent three consecutive summers in Ireland. I didn’t always take sounds; I took rhythms. Londo had a kind of musical thing.

    The whole thing's worth a read, they seemed to be having fun.

    Photography Deebster

    The Frigatebird and the Diamond Ring

    This is "The Frigatebird and the Diamond Ring" by Liron Gertsman, shot on a Canon EOS R5.


    Article: How a Photographer Captured His Spectacular Dream Eclipse Photo (lots more pictures here)


    Chechnya bans music that is too fast or too slow Chechnya bans dance music that is either too fast or too slow

    Ruling means music in Russian republic must ‘conform to Chechen mentality and sense of rhythm’

    Chechnya bans dance music that is either too fast or too slow
    • Chechnya officials have banned music deemed too fast or slow, restricting compositions to a tempo of 80-116 BPM.
    • Minister of Culture Musa Dadayev announced the decision at a meeting, as reported by TASS.
    • The ban affects all musical, vocal, and choreographic compositions in the Russian Republic of Chechnya.

    Chechnya is a republic of Russia since losing the Second Chechen War but this means that the Russian national anthem, at just 76 BPM, is also banned.


    The Internet Archive Just Backed Up an Entire Caribbean Island

    Original URL:


    This year's (belated) April Fool's XKCD is written in

    This year's (belated, as is tradition) April Fool's XKCD is written in the physics engine.

    It's like The Incredible Machine, but each person can contribute a cell towards the larger machine.


    Abandoned industrial building 2/8

    cross-posted from:

    > Abandoned industrial building 2/8


    Taskmaster Series 17 starts on the 28th (or 29th online)

    > Brand new #Taskmaster starts 28th March on Channel 4 and 29th March outside the UK on YouTube.

    From this teaser (Youtube short):

    Contestants: Joanne McNally, John Robins, Nick Mohammed, Sophie Willan, and Steve Pemberton.

    I'm hoping they have musical tasks to allow Nick Mohammed to shine. I still can't hear the Jurassic Park theme without singing along with his words.

    7 Isolated for six months, scientists in Antarctica began to develop their own accent

    Isolated for six months one winter, a group of scientists changed how they spoke.

    Isolated for six months, scientists in Antarctica began to develop their own accent

    > they were taking part in an unusual experiment, which involved tracking their own voices over time. This was done by making 10-minute recordings every few weeks. They would sit in front of a microphone and repeat the same 29 words as they appeared on a computer screen. Food. Coffee. Hid. Airflow.

    > One of those changes was the "ou" sound in words such as "flow" and "sew" that shifted towards the front of the vocal tract.

    I'm not actually sure what sound change they're describing there. Can anyone explain with examples or IPA?

    edit: Cheers for the answers (turns out I misunderstood which part is the vocal tract)


    Half of British Television Always Starts Like This [YouTube]



    Is there any good news about climate change? Yes. [8:53 video, YT link in post] Simon Clark — Is there any good news about climate change?

    Yes there is a lot of bad news around the climate crisis. But let's talk about the victories, and why there is no argument for despair.

    Simon Clark — Is there any good news about climate change?


    I posted a comment with the message "Don’t let doomscrolling lead you into despair and apathy over climate" and got a fair few downvotes, so I thought this was worth sharing.

    YouTube version:


    xkcd #2896: Crossword Constructors

    Alt text:

    > Also, we would really appreciate it if you could prominently refer to it as an 'eHit'.

    Movies and TV Shows Deebster

    Top Gun: Maverick Director Addresses That Grim Fan Theory

    Director Joseph Kosinski says:

    > "The original version of the script we actually followed Maverick in his freefall back to Earth, which would have I guess debunked that theory," Kosinski told Happy Sad Confused's Josh Horowitz. "It was a pretty spectacular sequence imagining what it's like to reenter from space in your spacesuit."

    > "I love it. Film is meant to be interpreted. I love that there's multiple ways to read it. It's, you know, hopefully it's a piece of art meant to be interpreted, and I love people reading those things into it. It's like The Big Lebowski Theory that Johnny's not really there so, no, I welcome that," he said."

    Home Automation Deebster Haier hits Home Assistant plugin dev with takedown notice

    Appliances giant Haier reportedly issued a takedown notice to a software developer for creating Home Assistant integration plugins for the company's home appliances and releasing them on GitHub.

    Haier hits Home Assistant plugin dev with takedown notice

    cross-posted from:

    > I'm not really big on "let's make a movement", but this independent dev has been hit with a cease-and-desist from making a FOSS Home Assistant addon for their Haier air conditioners. > > Haier claims that they are losing out on millions of dollars due to this plugin which... lets you control their air conditions from home assistant. They haven't bothered to explain how that's possibly worth millions of dollars - they're just claiming it. > > So of course they hit the Streisand button and are demanding that he takes it down. He of course is complying... in a couple of days. Maybe you see where this is going. > > It would be an absolute shame if any of you just happened to create a fork, or clone the code, or mirror it in your own instance. An absolute shame. > > Just so everyone here knows which repositories NOT to clone or fork, here are the two links: > > - > - > > and please, don't repost this anywhere, or share it in other communities, or anything like that. It's a shame that so many people already know and are making clones. I'm just letting you know so you don't do anything like telling others who may make their own copies. > > (sidenote: Haier owns GE Appliance, so for our American folks it may affect you folks too)


    Taskmaster Champion of Champions 3 is on tonight! Taskmaster Champion of Champions 3 broadcast date, contestants and past winners

    The hit comedy show is back for a on-off special featuring some very familiar faces.

    Taskmaster Champion of Champions 3 broadcast date, contestants and past winners

    Spoilers for previous seasons, I guess:


    • Dara Ó Briain
    • Morgana Robinson
    • Sarah Kendall
    • Kiell Smith-Bynoe (standing in for Mae Martin)
    • Sophie Duker
    Gentoo Deebster

    Bard does Gentoo dirty

    cross-posted from:

    > Image Transcription: screenshot > > > I ask Google Bard "What's the difference between Funtoo and Gentoo?" > > > > Bard replies: Both Funtoo and Gentoo are Arch Linux-based distributions known for their source-based installation and high degree of customization. While they share a lot of similarities, there are some key differences to consider: > > I checked, and both Gentoo and Arch initially released in March 2002, although Arch is older by 20 days.