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Shits these days
  • Hi there. Sorry, I removed your previous comment before I noticed your apology. I want to show appreciation for you understanding that your earlier comment wasn't exactly civil. Thanks for being a decent human being.

  • All are different movies.
  • The Rundown is a freaking solid action comedy! Stifler brings great comedic energy. Walken is an awesome antagonist. Rosario Dawson steals every scene she's in. All around great time!

  • A simpler time
  • Ah, forgive my word usage. I meant to say that they first started in that era, not that they were solely used back then. I do appreciate how informative your comment is, nonetheless!

  • A simpler time
  • Advice Animals were much earlier, in the late 2000s. I remember seeing them on gaming forums before Reddit was even a thing, when SA and Digg still reigned supreme.

    Know Your Meme traces them back to 2006.

  • Almost forgot to photograph the holiday Mojito pitcher

    Hey everyone. As promised, here's what I did for the holiday. It's a classic mojito mix, made with freshly picked key limes. This is actually the 3rd pitcher, so pardon the lack of visual flair.

    And before anyone asks, I don't use a specific recipe or ratio. I built to taste based on the palate of the people I'm with. Some of my family like it weak and mild sweetness, so I have the bottle of rum for floating and made a simple syrup for the family who are speedrunning diabetes.

    I've been making these since I was 6, feel free to ask me about any of it!

    Happy Turkey Day!

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