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Following instructions
  • Oh cool. Well tahini (sesame paste) is awesome, and especially useful for anyone vegan or lactose-free. Definitely worth keeping in the pantry.

  • Dealing with games that just won't run on Linux
  • I switched fully to Linux on my main gaming PC about 18 months ago. Honestly Proton has become so good that I really haven't had to dual-boot Windows or run a VM or anything. I even bought a licence for CrossOver when I first switched but ended up not needing it.

    For the few games that really won't run (after trying what I find in ProtonDB and PCGW) I really do either A) wait for fixes, or B) just leave them behind. With a library of like 2500 games it's not hard to find something else to play.

    These are the only games I recall not working at all for me:

    • Beyond Good & Evil (GOG) - Might be fixed now
    • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (Steam) - Might be fixed now
    • Dauntless (EGS) - Broken due to Easy Anti-Cheat
  • Following instructions
  • The answer is tahini, by the way. Not a big shocker.

  • A map of the British Empire in America (1746)
  • TIL northern Ohio was once the Nation of Cat and destroyed by the Iroquois.

  • A cool guide of the most expensive materials in the world
  • I would dispute the listing of antimatter as a material. Hypothetically it could be one, but it doesn't exist that way on Earth. Humans generate plenty of positrons for things like imaging (PET scans) but those don't stick around. We don't create anywhere near enough anti-hydrogen atoms to be seen or used on any macroscopic scale.

  • A cool guide of the most expensive materials in the world
  • This is missing Calcium-48 with its nuclear "double magic" at $500k per gram (as of 7 years ago). It's only made in one place in the world.

  • A cool guide on the density of different liquids
  • I don't think it's any better than the original Misfits track. But I gotta give 'em credit for introducing me to Merciful Fate, Budgie, Diamond Head, and a couple others.

  • A cool guide on the density of different liquids
  • Die, my darling. Don't utter a single word 🎶

  • Have you ever clicked on an ad *on purpose?*
  • Sure, because it was my friend's computer and I thought it would be funny if he got more pop-ups for boner pills and also I was 12.

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • Oh I won't dispute that. I have a close friend in the graphics and video field where Adobe CC is indispensable.

    But that's not what I do. For anything I need to edit, GIMP and Pixlr are more than sufficient.

    My joke was that in the old days of tech forums, I feel like there was almost a kneejerk reaction among the GNU/Linux diehards to ditch closed source at any cost, and if you didn't you weren't worth their time or compassion (like the sharks in the comic here).

    Also, I'm not sure the comparison is entirely fair because I kinda doubt the budget and manpower behind GIMP are even in the same galaxy as Photoshop.

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • Haha. Well I appreciate that you and others are so willing to help! The old "get lost and RTFM" stereotype is really feeling antiquated here.

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • I already run Endeavour and don't actually need any proprietary Adobe software, but thanks :)

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • VMWare workstation is now free for Linux!!!!

    Oh? That's pretty cool.

    Just run windows 10 LTSB!

    Ew, no. I will never do that. I was completely joking about Adobe and expecting links to the GIMP repo lol.

  • Toxic linux communities moment:
  • I love that this comic is already a meme.

    BTW which distro is best for running Adobe??? I really need Photoshop on my laptop. EDIT: /s, and also I guess the joke doesn't actually work here lol

  • Thank you for your service.

  • Emoji "anomalies" by European countries
  • Yeah I feel like that one has to be trolling them

  • What Android apps are worth paying for?

    What non-game paid apps do you use that are worthwhile and still relevant in 2023?

    For context, I have a decent amount of Google Play credit thanks to Opinion Rewards and a gift card. I'm not looking to start a book or movie collection there, nor sign up for subscription services. But I'm happy to buy the paid/pro version of useful apps.

    I'm excluding games just because that's a whole topic on its own.

    Here are some one-time paid apps I've been happy with: