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Israel Has Created a New Standard for Urban Warfare. No One Will Admit It
  • So you literally made up a strawman to attack?

  • /kbin another quick update
  • Thanks Ernest, for all your hard work!

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis (Part 1)
  • Damn Kbins so backlogged we’re just getting news posts for 1962?

  • Alpha Male v0.00003
  • Can I get an arch femboy?

  • NYTimes Files Copyright Takedown Against Hundreds of Wordle Clones
  • Or they want to bully smaller devs who don't have the resources to fight them to close down.

  • For years, I suspected MI5 interfered in the miners’ strike. The truth was even more shocking than I thought | Mark Hollingsworth
  • I'm confused after reading this? So during this strike, a court ordered the union to pay some money, instead the union moved its money into overseas accounts, and a politicians worked with MI5 to track these accounts down and freeze them?

    Like I fully support the union, but I thought it was going to be something serious such as MI5 infiltrating the union and becoming agent provocateurs, this just seems rather tame and less shocking than I expected.

  • German patient vaccinated against Covid 217 times
  • Meh 5g vaccines are so last year, hit me up with that 6g shot.

  • Harris stresses US support for Israel, Gaza truce in talks with Gantz

    Critics have pointed out that Israel’s war on Gaza has pushed the territory — home to nearly 2.3 million people — to the brink of collapse. The vast majority of the population has been displaced amid the bombing, and an Israeli siege has left basic necessities like food, water and medicine in short supply.

    Poll: Most Voters Now Blame GOPers For Not Passing Border Bill
  • These people are fine with Republican policies as long as it’s Democrats who get the “win” for implementing them.

  • Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Jill Biden's 'Women for Biden-Harris' tour
  • It’s a shame you don’t know what genocide is. Maybe we could do more to prevent it if people weren’t deliberately ignoring it.

  • hope is a radical act
  • FUD off elsewhere mate.

  • Two indie Steam games were disguised as Helldivers 2 to scam players
  • Not really, Steam will refund the buyers, ban the seller, and keep the developer fee they paid. Scammers will be down $100 and everyone else will go on like nothing happened.

  • After Food Aid Massacre, U.N. Expert Accuses Israel of Starving Gaza
  • A lot of them were children getting the food as well.

  • Which plant milks aren't bullshit?
  • I eventually settled on oat milk as I found it the best for my coffee habit.

    Coconut milk's fine, bit too sweet for my tastes personally.

    Honestly they're all fine.

  • Oprah Exits Weight Watchers Board After Admitting She Took Weight Loss Meds, Stock Tumbling
  • I didn't even know they sold drugs until coming into this thread.

  • 50 years ago, 'Blazing Saddles' broke wind — and box office expectations
  • Black comedy is fine, Blazing Saddles is just boring at best and juvenile in the lamest way at worst.

    Take Dr Stangelove for an example of a well done black comedy film with amazingly witty dialogue.

  • How often do you check Lemmy?
  • Very frequently.

    I find the more you contribute, the more you get sruff to check back on.

  • 50 years ago, 'Blazing Saddles' broke wind — and box office expectations
  • As someone who wasn’t alive during its release, it really doesn’t hold up well.

    Probably the most boring comedy I’ve seen in my life. Like the most memorable scenes are fart jokes and saying people are stupid? Maybe this was revolutionary at the time but I’d rather watch the Producers, History of the World, or Space Balls any day.

  • Gen Z embraces 'safety capitalism', says current social safety net is broken
  • An anarchist/communist based society.

    We see time and time again what happens when you give all the power to a small subset of society.

  • ラブリーサマーちゃん「202 feat. 泉まくら」Music Video

    「202 feat. 泉まくら」監督・撮影・編集:堀切基和出演:藤野有理、青柳文子、内堀太郎照明、撮影:市来聖史衣装:藪野麻矢ヘアメイク:須見有樹子助監督:二ノ宮隆太郎美術協力:ラブリーサマーちゃん協力:エイジアプロモーション、ASOBISYSTEM、24リムジンサービス、Bernet、Y.D.S.作詞・作曲 ラ...


    Settlers reportedly shoot two Palestinians, torch cars in latest West Bank attacks

    Man and boy hospitalized after perpetrators said to descend from Yitzhar, fire shots, throw stones and clash with Palestinian residents in Asira al-Qibliya


    The aftermath of Israeli strikes on Rafah Photos: The aftermath of Israeli strikes on Rafah

    At least 67 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza’s southern city of Rafah as strikes hit houses and mosques.

    Photos: The aftermath of Israeli strikes on Rafah
    21 Islamophobia is endemic in the UK and getting worse, says Yousaf

    Humza Yousaf became the first Muslim head of state in western Europe in 2023 when he was appointed First Minister of Scotland.

    Islamophobia is endemic in the UK and getting worse, says Yousaf

    2 Jewish Israelis detained for allegedly spitting at Christian cleric in Jerusalem

    It was the first such reported incident since October, when police said they had marked a significant rise in attacks on Christians in Jerusalem, with 17 incidents reported in the six months prior.


    Head of UN agency for Palestinians defies Israeli calls to quit

    The intelligence assessment, which has been seen by the FT, provides no evidence for the claims, which it says are based on smartphone intercepts and captured identity cards.

    24 Sky News ‘Not Seen Proof’ That UNWRA Aids Hamas After Reviewing Israel’s ‘Evidence’

    The allegations against UNWRA range from kidnapping Israelis to securing humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip under Hamas' influence.

    Sky News ‘Not Seen Proof’ That UNWRA Aids Hamas After Reviewing Israel’s ‘Evidence’

    “The Israeli intelligence documents make several claims that Sky News has not seen proof of and many of the claims, even if true, do not directly implicate UNRWA,” Middle East correspondent Alistair Bunkall wrote Thursday.


    Channel 4 Finds ‘No Evidence’ Of UNWRA-Hamas Links In Confidential Israeli Dossier

    Channel 4 News reports that it found “no evidence to support its explosive new claim” by Israel that employees of United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) participated with Hamas in the October 7th attacks.

    23 Australian red meat industry says it doesn’t need to meet its self-imposed net zero target

    Meat and Livestock Australia announced a 2030 net zero target in 2017, which experts say is ‘effectively not possible’

    Australian red meat industry says it doesn’t need to meet its self-imposed net zero target