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What to do with an acre of grass
  • Raised beds for planting food, which surely will be cheaper than buying food. Right?

    Why can't you design the landscape? Corner blobs flowing into side blobs and then a smokeless fire pit on a brick or paver patio in the middle or a corner, pergola over top of you want. Slap a tree in the middle of the fattest parts of the blobs, bushes around those, and then link between those with flowers, then you put ornamental grasses where blobs meet, and finally a bunch of small flowers that you will have to buy every fucking year just so your bitch of an ex-wife and her retail manager boyfriend can enjoy the backyard that you put in blood, sweat, and tears to afford.

    Could always get a chicken coop. Chickens are fun, they poop food and fertilizer that is great for nitrogen heavy greens and vegetables. I'd probably do chickens and a food garden. You wouldn't really be able to do anything until next year, so you have time to save and do research. Start small though, having a half acre of crops can be a bit much to go all in on your first year.

    How about a butterfly garden? That is low maintenance and the cost is fairly reasonable if you can't find a local org that helps supply the seeds.

  • I wish I could freeze and unfreeze time at will and explore this time-frozen world with my bestie
  • You can freeze time and explore with your bestie, but your bestie experiences time normally. You attempt to weekend at Burnie's them about, but because you are actually moving at such an incredible speed, they are ripped apart in a nuclear explosion as they are accelerated to light speed and their atoms split. The resulting nuclear detonation kills yourself and leaves a crater 50 miles wide.

  • My dog refuses to eat his kibble
  • Sometimes you just need to agree to disagree, but in doing so find the commond ground. You are two different species with different views with different priorities in political ideology and it is irrational to assume that you can agree on everything.

    Also walkies fixes everything.

  • My dog refuses to eat his kibble
  • Take him to the vet. Even if he is fine and just picky, you will rule out other possible issues that the food issue is masking or that he has been hiding.

    Did you wash out the bowl or did you just dump the wrong food out and replace it with the right stuff? The lingering smell may be putting him off.

    Definitely offer food in a smaller portion. The lack of food and then a bunch of food probably upset his stomach and that is probably why he puked.

    Do you feed him from the table or give him human food in a certain way? Recreate doing that with his food. E.G. Put his bowl on the table while you eat and when you see him looking for some human food, give him the bowl.

    Is it possible that he is on a hunger strike in protest? Dogs aren't good with making signs or conveying complex ideas in any human language. Trying condemning the Palestinian genocide, big oil, big pharma, the military industrial complex, women's rights infringement and see how he reacts. Addressing his grievance to his satisfaction can be a tricky one, so pledge to support his chosen crusade in a reasonable manner.

    No dog is picky enough to starve itself to death, so you can leave food out and wait. Just leave a little out so he doesn't binge and purge again.

  • If you read the instructions, that is for body hair and not your lady junk and starfish. You are also suppose to test the hair melting cream out on a small spot to make sure you don't have an abnormal reaction. There is a nair for sensitive areas. You will have to wait it out.

    The burning will stop, but things may get pretty gnarly looking and you will want to apply a moisturizing lotion to help with dry skin or scabs. You may want to seek medical care if it is like road rash bad or doesn't calm the fuck down.

  • Cryptic Currency
  • Dewayo is going to the mooooon. Just hold out and you will see Lambo, everybody is sleeping on that and once the halving happens, you will laugh all the way to the beachfront villa.

  • Motivational tips?
  • Meditation is an action of the mind and spirit, but inaction of the body. A warrior knows when to act with the mind as well as the body. I have studied and meditated on the great philosophy of war taught by Sun Tsu in The Art of War for many years and have come to understand that a great warrior is wise, because a warrior who does not think, dies before he is great.

  • Motivational tips?
  • Motivation comes naturally from having the warrior's heart. If you don't have a warriors heart, you must become the warrior. Once you have the warrior's heart, you are called motivated while you only act on your nature. You don't need motivation, you do as the warrior does, and act, because that is what a warrior does. In war, you can't think, you can only do, not doing meams death. My sensei once told me "there is only action and inaction, a warrior only acts because that is how a warrior wins." That really spoke to me when I meditated upon it through my years.

  • PSI
  • I don't remember the exact circumstances, I think I was going to give her a quick bath before a flight(mistake). I was holding her when she bit the meat of my thumb and coiled around my hand and wrist. All 5 feet of her was coiled with her head in the middle of the ball. Water did nothing. I had to wait about a half hour before she got bored, she then peeled her mouth off. I later found out that rubbing alcohol gets them to fuck off immediately, but that was the first and last time she bit me.

  • PSI
  • I have been bit by a conure more times than I can count, I have been bit and constricted by a python once. Getting bit by an actual parrot is a big reason why I haven't gotten into larger birds.

    I would rather be bit by the Amazonian Hitler pigeon. Python teeth are like Velcro for skin and it is horrible.

  • What you do when you have TOO MUCH free time?
  • Kill a half hour working out and/or go for a jog. You don't even need weight, just do bodyweight.

    Take up hiking, it is nearly free, you get sun and exercise. You can even take a trash bag with you and clean up litter.

    Find someone to stalk and murder.

    Fishing is a great and cheap waste of time and you get sun.

    Find an unsolved mystery in your area and work on solving it.

    Start collecting pinecones, cool rocks, or used syringes.

    Birdwatching can obliterate free-time and you might meet some widowed GILF to be your sugar momma.

    Go places and give them Google or yelp reviews, be derrainged in your writing style like Hunter S Thompson with a head injury.

    Take up meditation and have a false sense of superiority because you practice socially acceptable rotting with a calming mentally healthy spiritual guise.

    Yoga is a thing, I'm sure you can make yoga pants look great.

    Taxidermy roadkill armies don't assemble themselves, you can even find a tabletop game event to unlease your army upon and meet new people. Worst case you learn about the criminal justice system and that will kill even more time.

    Befriend a murder of crows and receive their gifts.

  • As Starfield Steam Reviews Plunge to ‘Mostly Negative,’ Todd Howard Responds to Paid Mods Backlash (Confirmed plans to look again at Bethesda’s pricing for Creations content.)
  • Absolutely. The ROI on most DLC is more than enough incentive to keep doing it. The problem is when they have lost the plot and horse armor had no script, so the goalpost is over the horizon.

    Tod looked at the backlash and the revenue gained, he gave lip service because horse armor disillusioned his understanding of a delusional market demand.