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China is banning ‘wealth-flaunting’ behavior on social media
  • The type of capitalism found in China is known as state capitalism and it's an unholy blend of central planning and free markets, with the government owning significant stakes in all key industries, exerting a massive control over both the economy and society as a whole using all of the methods used by previous Communist autocracies, only this time with far more technology.

  • You take the pirate out of the sea, not the sea out the pirate
  • This is built from scratch. There is no reason to use an antique cannon barrel for this - and it's not like those are lying around in Syria, whereas material and equipment to manufacture this is far easier to come by.

  • You take the pirate out of the sea, not the sea out the pirate
  • I believe this is one of the famous Omar cannons:

    Easily one of the most sophisticated Syrian hell cannons. It's breach-loading, it has a recoil damper and it's mounted on a strong enough truck chassis. They are even seemingly hitting what they are actually intending to hit, which is far from guaranteed with these kinds of improvised artillery pieces.

  • Hamas launches rocket attack on Tel Aviv for first time in months
  • What's your plan? How do you combat a terrorist organization that interprets any kind gesture, any attempt at normalization as weakness and uses it as pretext to attack? Should I remind you how Hamas has reacted to past concessions?

  • The Internet Archive is under a DDoS attack
  • Yeah, no. This comment alone would go against any government NDA - and this user is just some random person who, going by their comment history, most certainly has no inside knowledge of anything.

  • Hamas launches rocket attack on Tel Aviv for first time in months
  • So if you're wearing a bulletproof vest and somebody shoots at you and either misses or hits the vest, are you not allowed to shoot back? Are you supposed to just stand there and let the attacker continue until they succeed?

    Keep in mind that every single Hamas rocket attack means a disruption of daily life, with people only having seconds to rush to shelter. It's stressful and traumatic, to the point that a few months ago, a nine year old with a preexisting condition died from a heart attack that was caused by the fear and stress of being under attack:

    There is nothing safe about it. All the Iron Dome can do is lower the risk, but it doesn't eliminate it. It doesn't eliminate every one of these unguided rockets and the debris still rains down.

    The ironic thing is that for many years, this system saved more Palestinian than Israeli lives, since it allowed Israel to more or less eat these rockets instead of having to strike back every time. After Hamas used a rocket barrage as cover on October 7 - which they also used to murder people hiding in shelters that they had the terrorists knew the locations of - Israel cannot ignore these attacks anymore. The risk is too great now that it's not "just" a rocket attack, that it's part of a larger assault, perhaps a further escalation, e.g. with rockets that aren't just filled with explosives, but perhaps with dangerous substances as well.

  • CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information
  • It seems like the entire industry is in pure panic about AI, not just Google. Everyone hopes that LLMs will end years of homeopathic growth through iteration of long-existing technology, which is why it attracts tons of venture capital.

    Google, which sits where IBM was decades ago, is too big, too corporate and too slow now, so they needed years to react to this fad. When they finally did, all they were able to come up with was a rushed equivalent of existing LLMs that suffers from all of the same problems.

  • Gaza: Israel shuts down Associated Press news agency live feed
  • They were warned repeatedly not to give Al Jazeera access to this footage, yet they refused. No army in the world wants live footage of their troops being broadcast - and especially not shared with a network that belongs to a hostile nation, one that directly supports Hamas and houses their leadership.

    Al Jazeera is just as much an enemy of the free world as RT is. They are not press. Real journalists should distance themselves as much from this propaganda outlet as possible instead of working with them.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • I agree. The only application that is fine for this in my opinion is using it solely for entertainment, as a toy.

    The problem is of course that everyone and their mothers are pouring billions into what clearly should only be used as a toy, expecting it to perform miracles it currently can not and might never be able to pull off.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • Its not chatgpt that’s just default config u can use the API endpoint to point to any chatgpt api compatible llm.

    Since the issue with hallucinations is shared by all LLMs, not just ChatGPT, this doesn't change anything.

  • We have to stop ignoring AI’s hallucination problem
  • Are you seriously trying to push your ChatGPT "tool" in response to an article about language models like this one having substantial issues? "Not guaranteed" - yes, obviously, that's the point of the article - and from a quick look at your code, I don't see how this nonsense addresses any of that.

  • Magician David Copperfield Accused of Grooming, Groping, and Drugging Women
  • One of the most convincing tricks he pulled off was transporting two people from the stage to what looked like a believable beach. Totally fooled me (but I was a kid when I watched it).

    Edit: I started to figure out that something was amiss soon after, because every single one of the supposedly "random" people he invited on stage to do his tricks with (usually by throwing plastic balls into the audience) wore incredibly "inoffensive" and poorly fitted clothes. At some point, I was able to spot which people he would end up picking from a mile away even before he had done so.