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  • His mother’s very proud.

  • Polestar is launching a new cheaper Polestar 3 soon: Here's what we know so far
  • Could they possibly launch the regular Polestar 3 first?

  • The Mirage casino, which ushered in an era of Las Vegas Strip megaresorts in the '90s, is closing
  • How rapidly that word has become meaningless. It just means “I want to bitch about something” now.

  • Apple releases iOS 17.5, macOS 14.5, and other updates as new iPads launch
  • You are failing to understand the distinction between deliberate and necessary.

  • iPad Pro: How Apple Intends to Avoid Another 'Bendgate' Controversy
  • MacRumors really embarrassed itself by pretending that bendgate was already happening, before the iPad had even begun shipping. Disappointing how far that site has fallen.

  • Apple releases iOS 17.5, macOS 14.5, and other updates as new iPads launch
  • Read the whole story. They’re not slowing your phone down because it’s old, nor are they doing it deliberately. It’s to keep your phone working if your battery is worn out.

    I swear, people never let the facts get in the way of a good hate-jerk about Apple.

  • Raspberry Pi adds more memory to the Compute Module 4S
  • Feel free to move on from this group too.

  • T-mobile gets FTC approval to buy Mint mobile
  • I agree with you, but MVNOs are not competition.

  • Big furry creature
  • Congratulations you are a furry.

  • Hyundai pauses X ads over pro-Nazi content on the platform
  • It is shocking that they waited this long.

  • Is there a more politically and ideologically diverse alternative for Lemmy?
  • Lemmy is a federation of servers. "Lemmy" is not one political group with one viewpoint. If you're looking for different viewpoints, try different groups, or different servers.

    In another comment you said this about the comments you read:

    they're made in bad faith

    I don't think this is true. I think that what you think is "bad faith" is actually "people who disagree with me". So far, most users of Lemmy appear to trend politically left by American standards, but that's only because American standards are so absurdly skewed to the right that it appears to stand out. By American standards, "truth" is left-wing.

    Ask yourself what you're actually looking for.

  • Tesla is rumored to be preparing a massive round of layoffs
  • If they were smart, Elon would be first.

    If they were smart.

  • We should count in base four
  • Why not use “triple” for three, which actually does mean three.

  • Unsmart a smart TV
  • So, "yes", but also no. You'll lose the calibration panel for your display, and the result will probably be unwatchable.

    You're much better off buying a display which is un-smart to start with. These are often called "commercial displays". Or of course you could just buy a monitor.

  • Hasbro bad
  • Obviously fake. None of the text lines up, the fonts are wrong for Twitter, and the account names have different antialiasing compared to the "tweet" text.

  • Wtf?
  • Eat more fiber, do more cardio, and buy a bidet.

  • Apple calls 128GB 'lots of storage' in new iPhone 15 ad | AppleInsider
  • The ad says "Lots of storage FOR PHOTOS", specifically.

    If we assume that the typical iPhone photo is 4MB (they're almost always less), and you use half your storage for photos, ((128/2)*1024)/4 is 16,384 photos.

    I'd argue that's quite a lot.

  • Apple Is in Talks to Let Google’s Gemini Power iPhone Generative AI Features
  • I have faith that Apple would do this right. Your phone is unlikely to hit Google directly for AI stuff. It would be just another iCloud service.

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