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Democratic power players are circulating a proposal for Biden to exit, launch 'blitz primary'
  • They also watched Trump do his normal stupid shit. I keep hearing "Bidens going to lose" "he is behind" online. But everyone I talk to in person is still voting as anticipated. Swings don't want to see Trump, Democrats wish there was a better option than Biden but will vote for him and the Republicans will still back Trump.

  • Biden at 81: Often sharp and focused but sometimes confused and forgetful
  • My apologies, I'm just trying to get some comments on your post to try getting it to hot so you can be seen and have conversations with people with more insight and facts.

    Everyone has an opinion, and you have done nothing to change mine with this gossip article and presenting no facts. "Biden's old shouldn't run" got it, not really a deep insight into the political policy of the US.

    I'm not ignoring the facts, you just are not presenting anything new or noteworthy.

    Whitmer vs trump 36/40 Biden vs trump 40/40

    Good luck, not everything is a debate or argument sometimes we just want conversation.

  • Biden at 81: Often sharp and focused but sometimes confused and forgetful
  • There has been no statement that he was not running for re election. If there was one at this point it would hurt the chances of the democrats winning.

    I suppose it depends on what polls you are listening to. But I also said "may have" to hopefully avoid this discussion because it is to early to really trust any polls.

    But this is all just my opinion and not fact. I'm not looking to get into a political debate with a random on lemmy. Have a great day!

  • I ordered my daughter a pizza, something I don't usually do. I got Domino's smallest size with two toppings. I got her cheese sticks and two sauces and tipped the driver 20%. $31.07.
  • I would rather not assume someone is just out to troll. I'm sure in a life-threatening circumstance, they could do any of the lines you listed.

    But if they don't have to and could just pay a little more for someone delivering it oh well. Will they pay through the nose for the convenience? Sure. Is it still a lot of money for the convenience? Yes.

    Given how active flying squid is I don't think he is just out here intentionally trolling. I could be wrong.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • It's less bs than you think, still unlikely sure, but not a non zero chance.

    For awhile their was a single point of failure in telcom for the midwest in the us. Because the core router was so old and didn't play well with failover. It took them several months and a lot of intermittent issues to get it replaced and working as expected.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • Unfortunately you saying that still has the same credibility as your first statement. It's just your word. I don't doubt they do on occasion but to say ALWAYS refer to themselves that way is a lot to take on word alone.

  • Family of taekwondo instructors saves Texas woman from sexual assault
  • Even if Krav Maga teaches more attacks and more "leathal" attacks. i would hope 5 of them at the same stage as these individuals, 4th degree black belts and instructors, would be able to restrain 1 individual without permanent damage.

    When i think of someone that is that well trained i think they are trained in more than just the moves. Going through my martial arts training we were taught the fighting mentality and spirit as well as just the moves.

    Edit: I've never been through either of these training styles so I'm making assumptions and may be wrong.

  • "Getting paid more money is for fools"
  • Exactly, or that's how it was explained to me. Say you get a 10k raise from 94k to 104k and the next bracket is at 100k. If your old percent was 20% and the 100k bracket is 25% only the "extra" 4k would be taxed at 25% and the 6k before that would be 20%.

    Or so I've been told by smarter people than me. Numbers/ brackets and percentages are all made up to make it easier.

    Midwest, US if it matters.

  • How heterosexual couples met in the US
  • I dealt with that stuff too. I would try a couple times and if it goes that way, just un match. Do it for yourself, you are worth finding someone that is legitimately interested in you. Just have to go through some that are not a long the way

  • How heterosexual couples met in the US
  • I get that, in my experience it was just weeding through the bad ones. I had my fair share of un matches/ghosts/a holes.

    I also hated taking pictures of myself and had a mediocre at best bio. What worked for me was not getting emotionally invested in the apps/matches.

    The matches that i got and went out on a date or two with i was very up front that i was still using the app. It wasn't until our 4th date that my partner and i deleted our apps.

    Anywho, just wanted to share some hopefully positive advice. You will find the right one for you! Just have fun with it and try not to take it seriously

  • How heterosexual couples met in the US
  • Yeah, that's how i started using them as well, it just increases the odds. I went through a phase of "wanting to be in a relationship" and that was the focus of the apps for me. I would read every bio and then decide if i swipe right or not and think about how we would be good for each other. That was taxing and took a lot out of me emotionally.

    Eventually i realized it really is just a numbers game. So i just looked at pictures and if i liked them swiped right. Then if we matched i would read the bio and have conversations.

    That being said i was the one that got swipped right on and am thankful to have deleted those apps a year ago. I feel for those that are stuck in the online dating hellscape.

  • A cool guide of commonly believed myths
  • I'm just about done with lemmy to because of assholes like you. Jesus christ its worse than reddit.

    All it would take is, hey not how sugar highs work you don't actually get energy from them, what actually happens is a dopamine rush that makes people happy and happy kids tend to run around and play more.

    Took me 2 minutes of googling to find that. Did i ever say this list is bullshit? Should be burned? Has no factual basis?

    No, i just gave my experience, what i seem to have seen in my life, and question the list. I'm happy to have a conversation about it or i wouldn't have posted.

    But you just go around insulting people and comparing them to Trump supporters. Grow up. Have a damn conversation. Stop trying to turn everything into an argument