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I knew it
  • Well, to be honest, apart of the aliens thing, everything you said is true.

    So how is your housemate wrong?

    And aliens? That's an American thing. Only Americans are abducted and only America gets attacked by aliens in the movies. (And South-Africa)

  • Oprah Exits Weight Watchers Board After Admitting She Took Weight Loss Meds, Stock Tumbling
  • Although it is true what you say and I do agree, I also read between your lines that maybe you don't know how difficult and (life)long that process is.

    An eating disorder is a disease/issue that honestly isn't solvable, you carry that weak point for the rest of your life and will have to battle it. Which with eating is extra difficult, since you have to eat. You can't stay sober from food.

    (But maybe I misunderstood your words (being written text without further context). )

  • Biden Sets Internet Alight With ‘Dark Brandon’ Super Bowl Reaction
  • Probably.

    More probable than the scenario you're painting. I mean, if Biden did have anything to do with that, he wouldn't put a spotlight on it by tweeting about it. (And no, don't start to accuse him with "distraction" or "false flag" tactics, that's just doubling down with conspiracy theories, we're better than that)

  • Languages are weird
  • Yeah, I think you are confusing the German with the Dutch. (Which happens a lot...)

    Dutch generally speak several languages. Germans in general speak only German and rudimentary English (if you're lucky).

    (A common Dutch gripe with visiting German tourists is that Germans just assume the Dutch speak German (which they mostly do, so okay, they've got a point, but still) and just start speaking German without asking first)

  • Far-right leader Geert Wilders wins Dutch election: Exit poll
  • Not very stable indeed. Since 'Kok' (2002!), NL has had 1 cabinet come to full term (Rutte II I believe). In 21 years 8 goverments. 1 full term of 4 years, so 7 in 17 years. Elections every 2,5 years on average :/

    But hey, at least NL is not Belgium :D

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