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Zed editor: Linux when?
  • It's a lot more than a random text editor.

    It's a text editor from (at least some of) the people that made Atom at GitHub (with the explicit premise of learning from Atom/building a faster, better, Atom).

    The business plan is to sell collaboration features (e.g., remote pair programming).

  • Senate passes bill forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature. Biden expected to sign on Wed.
  • Likewise, I think this bill could be used against companies with Chinese investment, like anything Tencent investment (e.g. Fortnite, League of Legends, etc).

    IANAL but I believe that would not be covered under this bill. Those games are run by American companies with foreign investment.

    Maybe when it gets to the point where the foreign power is the majority shareholder. However, I think in a publicly traded company they'd just be forced to divest and that would likely take a different law.

  • Senate passes bill forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature. Biden expected to sign on Wed.
  • Just the standard "you can sue if you think this is unfair and have your day in court."

    What it looks like is if China or Russia has a competitor to a US product (say, Yandex or Baidu), a US company (say, Google) could lobby the President to mark them as a threat and ban them from the US. The product doesn’t need to actually have the capacity to cause harm, it just needs to be from one of the adversary countries (currently China, Russia, N. Korea, and Iran).

    This is true, but it's also pretty unlikely. Even TikTok is just a vine ripoff, but a vine that was successfully monetized.

    There really hasn't been much to come out of our "foreign adversaries" that I think most people would care about. If that's the price we have to pay ... I'm not the least bit worried about it really.

    Furthermore, China is happy to use public money to back companies (as a sort of "state run venture capital"); that is a threat to competition in the same way venture capital is a threat to competition.

  • Senate passes bill forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature. Biden expected to sign on Wed.
  • I think you should check out this article in The Atlantic, it goes into the history of the US government's previous laws to protect against foreign propaganda and manipulation of the media. What you'll find is this is more of an update (to catch up with the internet era) than a revamp of US domestic policy.

    Also a key point I think you're missing here:

    but it also allows the President to denote any other entity in one of those countries as a significant threat

    The president can only do this for apps from the countries covered in the US code as Foreign Adversaries, which means the president can act quickly against threats, but this is a bad avenue for attacking competition in other friendly countries (e.g., shutting down Proton would require congress to pass a law that Switzerland is a foreign adversary -- which would not be good for relations -- AND a law specifically targeting Proton accompanying that or the president to then act against Proton).

    All of this is still subject to judicial review as well.

  • Senate passes bill forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell or face ban, sends to Biden for signature. Biden expected to sign on Wed.
  • See

    I'm sure it's just even more detail about the scope of that influence campaign (and possibly an extrapolation of effectiveness on public opinion).

    The major thing is manipulation of the public's information pipeline by a hostile foreign power. There are already existing laws about foreign owned media (as cited by the New York Times this morning

  • Cable lobby vows “years of litigation” to avoid bans on blocking and throttling
  • It's far more common for Democrat run municipalities to create municipal cable and for Republicans to outlaw (or propose outlawing) municipal cable state wide.

    It's not even politicizing it's a literal Republican talking point that the government should stay out of things and let free market competition sort these things out.

    The problem with that of course is that they'd rather take money from some regional monopolies than actually create a free market system with reasonable restrictions on it.

  • Mod Change & Auto Post Bot
  • I have a custom Python library based back end, that itself is based on Tornado and Beautiful Soup. It makes it pretty easy to script up inputs and outputs for various kinds of sources and destinations. The Auto Post Bot is actually both a Lemmy bot and a Telegram bot.

    I've thought about open sourcing it ... but I'm mildly concerned about it being abused to make spam bots (it's extremely efficient and capable of hitting rate limiting systems and perfectly timing its next post to what they'll accept) so I've held off 😅 Well, that and I may want to rework some parts of it...

    import asyncio
    import lemur_repost
    def create_test_pool(lemmy_bot: lemur_repost.LemmyBot):
      pool = lemur_repost.RepostPool(
          'cc': 'US',
          'l': 'english',
          'snr': '1_2108_9__2107'
      return pool
    def main():
      lemmy_bot = lemur_repost.LemmyBot(
            minutes = 10
      test_pool = create_test_pool(lemmy_bot)

    I feel like it was kind of, maybe, a mistake to give each pool its own storage (edit: actually that's probably more a limitation of how I've been using the library than the library itself ... it's always fun when "yesterday me" was smarter than "today me"). I'd also like to make it possible to write bridges of sorts ... which was an original goal (e.g., you could use this to bridge a Discord, Telegram, and Matrix chat + tie in news feeds from a dozen places in a handful of lines).

  • Mod Change & Auto Post Bot
  • Good question! It varies a lot. I think a lot of Lemmy users are typically lurkers.

    News posts in general are pretty low-engagement unless it's particularly exciting news. These things tend to get a fair number of up votes but few (if any) comments (here's an example of one that was fairly popular in the 2007scape community

    I think it's still pretty useful content typically as it allows folks to (fairly) reliably use Lemmy communities to keep up with official news posts and discuss them if there's something worth discussing.

    I used to post various news items manually but found it quite time consuming (and regularly they'd also get little interaction unless they were a particularly exciting update). You can see this with the recent posts in this community by @[email protected] (if you're reading this [email protected], thanks -- but hopefully we can both sit back and relax now 😎🌴!).

    I'd generally recommend against blocking all bots and just block the bots at a user level that you find unhelpful (that's been my approach anyways).

    EDIT: For additional context, Auto Post Bot in particularly is always official news and/or relevant news feeds for a particular community that I've added as "sources" for it to monitor and repost (for games, that's normally the steam news feed; but it's not strictly speaking limited to Steam or even RSS feeds). There was one unfortunate incident where I made a mistake adding the RSS feed and it ended up posting in a very spammy fashion but that was some user error on my part as its programmer/administrator more than anything else 😥.

  • Mod Change & Auto Post Bot

    Hi folks,

    I reached out to the Lemmy admins about taking over the community from the previous moderator (as they'd become inactive).

    I'm not making any big changes or anything. The biggest news is that I will be hooking up [email protected] (which you may have seen in other gaming communities, some I moderate some I don't 🙂) to post Last Epoch news and keep the community up to date!

    I'll work on getting a banner up and an icon in the coming days to make things look a bit nicer around these parts as well.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you find Auto Post Bot helpful going forward, and hope everyone has a great day!

    Enshittification Continues: Discord to begin showing advertisements on it's free platform
  • I haven't given Discord a dime from the start because I knew this was going to happen.

    The entire premise of Discord's free service was to gobble up the market from TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, and Mumble and capture the ecosystem using a ton of venture capital. In any sane world it would be an illegal mode of operation to provide "free service" based on venture capital like that.

    TeamSpeak did manage to react but their reaction has been slow (I think they're a much smaller team and still a private company). Their new client is fairly feature complete but still not out of beta (AFAIK).

    Mumble is an open source project and is still ticking as a result as well (though obviously it's received much less love since Discord stole the spotlight).

  • Trump ramps up attacks on judge in hush money case following gag order
  • Appreciate y'all. Hope it doesn't ever come anywhere close to that though.

  • A Farewell to our Forums
  • Truly the end of an era... I think the RuneScape forums might have been the first forums I ever used

  • Beautiful redesign of the Proton VPN app for Android
  • The new GTK one isn't bad, but it's also not half as pretty as this.

  • Beautiful redesign of the Proton VPN app for Android
  • I just use the OpenVPN files on the Linux machine

  • Democrat who made reproductive rights a campaign focus will win Alabama special election
  • Don't forget "I thought Republicans were the party of states rights? Why are they trying to ban abortion nationally after some states held elections to protect abortion in their state constitution?"

  • Qualcomm quietly demos Baldur’s Gate 3 and Control on Snapdragon X Elite laptops
  • I had a buddy who was a Linux ARM laptop fanatic back in like 2014. Microsoft had been trying to make Windows on ARM a thing for years before that.

    Apple was the first to popularize it but it's been a work in progress if you've been paying attention for a LOT longer. What helped Apple is all the work they did on their own ARM chips for iOS. They managed to get pretty close to x86 performance in an ARM chip. They also had an app store of apps that could run on them and an emulator for things that wouldn't.

    Every time Microsoft tried nobody would release ARM builds... People just bought the x86 laptops. It's the same chicken and egg problem desktop Linux has had for years.

  • Meta: Can we talk about non "Apple Enthusiasts" dominating the threads on c/apple_enthusiasts?
  • Yeah, I've run into this before as well. I had a post I made in the standard notes community about a sale get down voted...

    I made another post asking what happened and that's how I found out it was down voted by a bunch of people that weren't even part of the community because "it looked like an ad on their feed."

    I also had some user error on my part when I added the Zed RSS feed to Auto Post Bot without taking enough precautions to make sure it wasn't going to post ancient stuff... Got some pretty heavy down votes presumably because it took about a page and a half of the "all" feed. I cleaned things up within 15 minutes, but it was definitely like "man, can I just not deal with people that aren't even community members?"

    Don't get me wrong their frustration was valid, I screwed up, but also... I just don't understand browsing all.

  • UGREEN enters Network Attached Storage (NAS) market with diverse Linux-based NASync lineup
  • Consider TrueNAS Scale with mirrored drive pairs DIY.

  • Cities: Skylines 2's first post-launch DLC, Beach Properties, is out now and players aren't happy: 'This is a disgrace'
  • Gamers don't understand software development and it shows

    (You're absolutely right)

  • Enshrouded: Hollow Halls Update
  • I think I'm most excited to try out these new dungeons, pings, and the hobbit hole doors lol... Sitting is definitely up there though, it just makes the game feel more complete lol

  • Anyone having issues with Lemmy self hosting?

    My main account is [email protected]. However, as of roughly 24-hours ago (it seems this has been going on since March 10th and gotten worse since) it seems like the server has stopped properly retrieving content from

    It's been running smoothly for well over 9 months, and (I think) working fine for content coming in from other instances. So I'm curious if anyone else experienced anything strange with federation recently?

    Setup Description

    The server flow in my case is as follows:

    [Public Internet] <-> [Digital Ocean Droplet] <-> [ZeroTier] <-> [Physical Machine in my Basement (HW Info)]

    The Digital Ocean droplet is a virtual host machine that forwards requests via nginx to the physical machine where a second nginx server (running the standard lemmy nginx config) then forwards the request to the lemmy server software itself.

    Current Status

    Lemmy Internal Error

    I've found this is my lemmy logs:

    2024-03-24T00:42:10.062274Z WARN lemmy_utils: error in spawn: Unknown: Request limit was reached during fetch 0: lemmy_apub::objects::community::from_json at crates/apub/src/objects/ 1: lemmy_apub::fetcher::user_or_community::from_json at crates/apub/src/fetcher/ 2: lemmy_server::root_span_builder::HTTP request with http.method=POST http.scheme="http" otel.kind="server" request_id=688ad030-f892-4925-9ce9-fc4f3070a967 at src/

    I'm thinking this could be the cause ... though I'm not sure how to raise the limit (it seems to be hard coded). I opened an issue with the Lemmy devs but I've since closed it while gathering more information/making sure this is truly an issue with the Lemmy server software.

    Nginx 408 and 499s

    I'm seeing the digital ocean nginx server reporting 499 on various "/inbox" route requests and I'm seeing the nginx running on the physical machine that talks directly to lemmy reporting 408 on various "/inbox" route requests.

    There are some examples in this comment:

    (Partial rant) Why are gaming communities for multiplayer games so often filled with toxicity? Why aren't game developers doing more to stop this?

    There are plenty of multiplayer games I adore. However, it seems like every community has these "brain dead", patronizing, or out right toxic elements that are just nasty. I'd rather debate politics than make suggestions in some gaming communities because the responses are just so ... annoying.

    As an example, I once dared to suggest that a game developer implement a mode to prevent crouched status from rendering on death cams so that players that are bothered by t-bagging could avoid it (after a match where a friend rage quit because someone just kept head shotting him -- possibly with cheats -- and then t-bagging). This post got tons of hate, and like -50 upvotes on reddit because of course someone should be forced to watch someone t-bag them.

    Another example on a official game forum... I made a forum post suggesting Bungie use Mastodon (or really just something else being my intent)... The response I got was some positivity but mostly just "lol nobody uses that sweetie" and other patronizing comments.

    Meanwhile studios themselves often seem to be filled with developers that understand this stuff is a problem, and the lack of sportsmanship (or generally civilized attitudes) does push away players. It just doesn't make sense to me that no studio is saying "get lost" to these elements or implementing anti-toxicity features. I just want to play games with nice normal people, is that really so much to ask?

    99 Hunt: Showdown - ReShade Changes Upcoming - Developer Update - Steam News

    Hunters, We would like to inform you about an important update regarding the use of ReShade in Hunt: Showdown. After testing and verification, we will forbid the use of ReShade within the next few days. We have decided that due to the unfair advantages it provides, the use of this program will be cl...

    Hunt: Showdown - ReShade Changes Upcoming - Developer Update - Steam News

    A ban on ReShade is (finally) coming in the next few days 🎉


    What did you find most surprising? For me I think it's the double shot dualies... but lots of interesting stuff in this video!


    I was very surprised that pennyshot is that much worse than buckshot.

    2 Necromancy: The Journey Begins - News - RuneScape - RuneScape

    Necromancy rises this Monday, August 7th at 12:00 Game Time - and with it, a brand new chapter in the history of RuneScape!

    Necromancy: The Journey Begins  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape
    0 This Week at Zed Industries: #14 - Zed Blog

    Semantic search and collaboration channels are getting close, and we're breaking ground on WebAssembly extensions.

    This Week at Zed Industries: #14 - Zed Blog
    What software do you use?

    I'm finding myself frustrated with the open source backup software that's available. Speculatively, the main focus seems to be on sysadmins that want to script their backups in systemd files... But these aren't shared.

    I currently use restic, and it just feels like a trap of unknowns. It's well documented how to use the command line, and it has a pretty great reputation at this point. However, despite writing some decent scripts to automate the backups, I can't help but wonder what all I've done wrong.

    Am I the only one that has these concerns? What are folks here using?

    2 Hunt: Showdown - Myth of the Moors DLC - Out Now! - Steam News

    The Myth of the Moors DLC - Out Now! It includes - 🐶The Moorhound - Legendary Hunter 🌑Maw of Darkness - Romero 77 🔫Hell’s Dewclaw - Caldwell Pax 🎆Snarling Dawn - Flare Pistol Bring death and earn extra event points during Tide Of Shadows as The Moorhound. Watch the Myth of the Moors Trailer now ...

    Hunt: Showdown - Myth of the Moors DLC - Out Now! - Steam News
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