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"Star Trek is woke now"
  • There's so much wrong with it. Where's the 80s office décore?

    If it doesn't have some elements of kitsch, it's not Star Trek.

    Star Trek is NOT a Netflix production that can be churned out with improved dark, edgy, and abstract lighting, sleek sets, and dutch angle cinematography.... Star Trek is a series of Hallmark SciFi philosophy questions, set on fresh carpet with weird sculptures and props throughout.

  • Secret Service notified as Alex Jones hosts show with 'assassinate Biden' in title
  • Yes you are, you're pretending the title doesn't contain the words "assassinate Biden", when it clearly does. Now you're pretending this was ever about truth and lies, when it never was.

    It's about perception, conveying the quite accurate perception that Alex Jones aids a politically unhinged and destabilizing political atmosphere.

    He should be painted as such, instead you're out here pretending like he's a good honest man, that is being lied about.

    You're lending your honesty and labour, to a side of politics unworthy of the honour.

    You have fallen into the trap of telling the Nazis there are Jews in the basement, thinking it will prove that you're a good person, when it in fact just makes you culpable for the success of fascists.

  • Get in the Hilux
  • It's 2024, I'm not sitting around reading Marxist tracts. No.

    The premise of the comment that normies are going to jump on the chance to read boring political tracts is idiotic. I was just trying to help, but I see you guys have another century of failing to appeal to a mass audience ahead of you.

    So ignore my advice and just go on with your book list plan.

    I'm sure in 2024, people will choose to read these two books rather than a book of their own choosing, or a video game, or a youtube video...nah nah not at all. People are just out there like "I'm really hankering to read long form political monologues".hahahaha

  • Get in the Hilux
  • "I'm trying to introduce people who are maybe just average people without a whole lot of time into my preferred political ideas"

    "I'll link two large volumes with complex ideas, surely that will work"

    Are you trying to sell ideas and concepts, a worldview, or are you trying to set political science homework...

    ... anyways good luck appealing to people who already agree with you, and people who have already heard of these ideas and rejected them.

    Marxist are just plain shit at selling their ideas. That's your ideologies entire problem.

  • Get in the Hilux
  • Counter offer ...tell people the basic concepts to ask ChatGPT to explain/summarise, so they can escape "false consciousness"?

    Maybe start with how the division of labour during the industrial revolution caused a loss of community and craftsmanship?

    ....I assume, value adding labour theory should be explained...

    ...surplus value being converted to profit rather than wages ....

    Alienated labour

    The means of production, and how a dictatorship of the prolitariate are achieved?

    What the petite bouigouis and lumlenprolitariate are?

    Culture and how it reifies workers and their interests... ?

    Stuff like that... Maybe even lead into Marcuse's theory of the 1 dimensional man?

  • Google's AI-powered search summaries use 10x more energy than a standard Google search | The Hidden Environmental Impact of AI
  • I was talking about the photonic chips from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, but looking into it the last update on that was four years ago.

    I know they were entangling photons, so there's probably lots of research and parts to work on, but still, maybe it's just not moving forwards.

    I'm not that familiar with the technology, but the benefits seem worthy of more news than they get.

    What are IBM's efforts like?