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Just a reminder
    1. You’re wrong
    2. If my only two options are genocidal corporate oligarch or genocidal fascist dictator, I give zero fucks. I’m not voting for Biden.
    3. DNC said Biden is the only one who can beat Trump. They also said they don’t owe me or any democrat constituents anything. Fuck ‘em.
    4. Stop watching msnbc, cnn, corporate news. (They are lying to you)
  • Just a reminder
  • At this point, if I hear someone making any of your arguments I just move on, understanding that the person I am talking to is bereft of critical thinking skills and lack any form of conscious awareness.

    For real bro, turn off your television.

  • Lets test the theory
  • Well, again. Show me an example of a private company that is comparable to the United States military.

    In the case of space x. It is precisely space x’s ability to waste money that made it so that it could do the research and development.

    NASA would never be allowed to test and blow up ten rockets to build a new space ship.

    Your own examples are proving you wrong

    And now you are just rambling

  • Lets test the theory
  • What does this have to do with comparing the public us military to a similar private organization?

    When the service provided is influencing world politics and securing our country, I don’t think efficiency means the same thing. I also don’t think there are any other private sector businesses that could compare to us military. And even if there are, I would assume that all of their workers were trained by the us military.

  • Lets test the theory
  • I mean, I guess the us military is the largest military in the world apparently even if you added up all the other militaries together.

    So by your logic there is no other private or public military that is better than the United States, but their goal is being the best, so but, and

    If you are suggesting that the military of a government can be better run by a private organization, such as a corporation…. I mean, I guess you are saying that oligarchy and corporate rule is better than democracy?

    To start with such a large organization won’t benefit your argument in any way

    , and I suppose the service of the military is being the best?