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Henry Selick Developing ‘Coraline’ Companion Piece ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ With Neil Gaiman, Will Revive ‘The Shadow King’ as Graphic Novel
  • [off topic]

    Gaiman stole all his best stuff from underrated author Tanith Lee.

    "Night's Master" is the first of her Flat Earth series. A demon king spends his days in his magnificent palace and his nights seducing and/or terrorizing the humans.

    "Death's Master" continues the story. Death reluctantly takes a bride, and is forced to destroy a city of immortals.

  • It's your amigo, Ralph!
  • Back in the 1940s, there was a Captain Marvel story where a scientist tells the Big Red Cheese that the entire universe is actually a dream and the sleeper is getting ready to wake up...

  • America’s problem is massive inequality – not ‘woke’ educated elites
  • David Brooks is the perfect example of the 'moderate' Republicans who gave us Donald Trump.

    If people like him cared one whit about the country they would have abandoned the party the day Trump said that he "liked soldiers who didn't get captured."