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They don't want you to know
  • I said it as a joke, but something together with a special someone then sharing a bottle of wine that guy absolutely roasts the very concept of detergent pods sounds like a great night

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • I think of it as being (sorta) similar to spraying and wiping down a dirty countertop. The spray alone isn't going to get it fully clean, but it makes the wipe about a thousand times more effective at finishing the job.

  • AI bell curve
  • The worry is focused on the amount of damage that is likely to be done by the people in decision-making positions thinking they can save money by removing more paid positions.

  • law of adulting: veg spoils 5x faster when ur paying for it
  • Soak a kitchen towel, wring it out, and line the bottom of the crisper with it. Feel it every once in a while to make sure it's still damp. That'll let your crisper be what it was designed to be: a little high-humidity box in an otherwise arid refrigerator.

    Also, take note of how produce is stored at the grocery store. If the store doesn't refrigerate something (apples, tomatoes, avocados to name a couple), odds are you shouldn't either. The fruits and veggies that belong in the crisper are the ones that are periodically misted with water in the case at the store. Also probably don't keep anything tightly wrapped in plastic.

  • Holy shit fuck the new dark fluid mission on meridia
  • Found success on dif 8 last night with a full 4 squad, all coordinating staggered orbital EMS strikes on top of the drill, HMG emplacements mowing down everything with EATs at the ready for chargers and titans.