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WP: US concerned about Ukrainian strikes on early-warning radars on Russian soil, official says
  • Because they care about the west supporting them. That’s it, that’s literally the entire reason. That and they don’t have the capability without western support. (To some extent yes, but not really in the ‘precision-guided-munitions’ department)

  • Pope allegedly used derogatory term for gay people
  • I wouldn’t expect an extremely old person to be aware of all the nuances of modern language. Least of all the pope, who, I’d assume, has effectively zero contact with anyone even remotely close to being a rainbow activist. External culture and langue has moved a lot in the last 15-20 years. While I am far from that old, it’s not unreasonable to expect that calling someone that was relatively normal during the popes childhood, certainly in a religious environment.

  • Pope allegedly used derogatory term for gay people
  • Honest question: what do we expect the Pope to say? For all intents and purposes, he is the head of a very old and established ‘religion’. He wouldn’t be the pope if his views were contrary to the teachings of the church as it currently exists.

  • Uvalde families sue makers of AR-15, 'Call of Duty,' Meta over mass shooting
  • And maybe that was the point of that mission. To cause you to think about the violence that you normally included upon your virtual enemies without a second thought. If you play a FPS game, you won’t question why you’re shooting the other team, you just do it. The same way it doesn’t technically matter why the crowd of people in said COD level are your enemies. What matters is the developer telling you to shoot them.

  • Alarm as German climate activists charged with ‘forming a criminal organisation’ | Action against Letzte Generation could have ‘immense chilling effect’ on climate protest, campaigners say
  • Thing is, what exactly do you call a group of people who break into an airport and shut down operations, or form roadblocks that also shut down operations? The are a group committing ‘serious’ crimes, is this not literally the exact scenario these laws are written to address?

    I’ve always maintained that actual climate protests that have a useful result will be quite illegal, and probably quite violent. That’s just the way it is. Either the protesters give up, or the government gives up, and the government has a lot of violence it can use before that point.

  • Senators blame sky-high drug prices on abuse of the patent system
  • How would funding work, then? If everything I do is available to the public with no protections on my end, then I can’t guarantee that I (the inventor) will ever be able to extract any value from some thing that I put a lot of time and effort into developing. Considering we live in a capitalist society, there needs to be a way to reimburse inventors.

    As the person above me pointed out, how do you prevent a large company on capitalising on ideas that a small inventor has?

  • New open-source, high resolution, low-latency E-ink monitor announced — Modos Paper delivers 1200p in a 13.3-inch form factor
  • There’s nothing technically stopping you from building an android smartphone just the way you like. In fact, there’s extreme modding folks that do things like already. What we really lack is a future-proofed connector standard for component connectivity that just works.

  • When an Abortion Ban Is Not Enough: Louisiana Seeks to Add Abortion Pills to List of Controlled Dangerous Substances
  • Not from the point of view of most Republicans. You can make the claim that abortion pills ‘kill’ 100% of people in a pregnant person. If abortion is murder, then abortion pills must be placed on a similar level to rat poison or cyanide. Ironically, neither is actually a controlled substance…

  • Biden: what would Trump have done if the Capitol riots had been led by Black Americans?
  • We’re going back to the og crowd control options, I see. If you haven’t seen the relevant forgotten weapons video, Thompson and other manufacturers used to produce birdshot shells for crowd control. Generally intended for indirect applications, but there’s nothing inherently present that would prevent you from directly firing at protestors.

  • What is a good eli5 analogy for GenAI not "knowing" what they say?
  • The short hand answer I’d try to give people is ‘it’s statistics’. Based on training data, there’s a certain chance of certain words being in proximity of each other. There’s no reasoning behind placement, other than whatever pattern is discernible from known situation.

  • Would you say Apple is in a slump?
  • I agree. But for me personally, the fact that VisionOS seems to be an iOS port rather than MacOS is already enough to make me incredibly reserved as far as excitement goes. The hardware seems great, but software wise they seem to be attempting to push out more and more mobile-first devices, rather than a useful productivity device.

  • Musk's SpaceX is quick to build in Texas, slow to pay its bills
  • Sounds like Musk’s taking a page out of the Russian/Ukrainian oligarch book: there’s no point in paying bills ahead of time, if you can make even more money by ignoring the bill for a couple of months

  • Would you say Apple is in a slump?
  • I think you make a point, but their recent customer-side choices have been more hostile than usual. I like Apple’s hardware; and I buy their products, but their insistence on delivering barely-usable entry level products is even greater than before. Especially with the AVP, they could have actually made it into an incredible value proposition as a MacBook replacement, instead both the hardware and the OS is somewhat meh

  • No 'credible plan': U.S.' Blinken issues harshest criticism yet of Israel's operations in Gaza
  • Israel is currently the US’ closest ‘ally’ in the Middle East. Not that Israel wouldn’t turn on the US in a heartbeat, but the US needs Israel to maintain force in the region. Add to that, Israel is Jewish. In light of events almost 100 years ago, it’s a bit problematic to criticise anything a group of Jewish people do.

    The US can’t exactly come out and say anything that would be too disruptive to their relationship with Israel.