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Mom of 6-year-old who shot his teacher sentenced to 2 years in prison in state case
  • I, from the UK, once had a 'conversation' about gun control with an American on Reddit. What brought this about was the day before a 9 year old girl was killed by a stray bullet from a drive-by. One moment she was in her bedroom doing some homework, and the next she was dead.

    After a lot of back and forth with him getting more flummoxed and aggressive he then said something like "If she was outside playing like a normal kid then she wouldn't have been killed."
    Yep, he blamed her.

    That was the time I realised it was a waste of everything talking about it.

  • What is your unpopular flim opinion
  • I actually like the film. However what annoyed me about that part is this:
    You've got a bunch of -mostly- super smart people. (Cooper not so much as he's 'only' the pilot, but the others wouldn't be there if they weren't very clever).
    And they also know and have talked about time dilation, and that every second down there is longer -about a day- than on Earth.
    Yet they just gung ho it.

    They don't really work out beforehand how long the person (miller, I think) would've been down there and what things would be like from their point of view.
    No. It's "uggg, signal. Follow signal. Most follow beep. Beep beep, hehe, beep".

    And then they didn't really have a plan for when they landed. They just landed and went out for a walk like it's a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park.
    On a planet with such excessive time dilation.

    And that's not the worse part. No then, THEN, when shit hits the fan they send the robot (TARS, I think) to very speedily pick up the trapped person.

    Now I'm no rocket scientist, but even I would want to know everything about that planet. The estimated time of how long miller (?) was there. And the quickest way to get the info needed, then get off asap.

    They should've "Okay, time dilation is going to fuck us up. So we follow the signal. Land as close as poss. Send out the robot to pick up the person and info etc. Then gtfo of there sharpish. Agreed. Nice. Let's do this."
    But nooooo, it's... let's half arse it. Go for a fucking walk. Fuck things up. Then, and only then, panic but then do things correctly.

    Nolan, wtf were you thinking?

  • Your mix tape isn't fire, it's smouldering at best
  • Start up your Bluetooth speaker. (Buy one if you haven't got one. It doesn't have to be good, just loud.)
    Ramp it up to 11.
    Start the most annoying obnoxious sound you have, (that you have already downloaded).
    Stand next to the person playing the shitty music and aim the speaker at then.
    When they complain about your annoying noise you reply, "You started it."

  • Are you trying to STEAL entertainment??
  • You wouldn't steal a baby.
    You wouldn't shoot a policeman, and then steal his helmet.
    You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet.
    And then send it to the policeman's grieving widow...

  • ‘The Marvels’ Meltdown: Disney MCU Seeing Lowest B.O. Opening Ever At $47M+
  • I don't mind the sticky carpets. I don't mind the shitty seats. I don't mind other people making certain noises, eating etc. And if a person is looking at their phone then I don't mind as long as that's it, just looking.

    What I do mind, what I absolutely cannot abide, what I find completely unacceptable is the person behind knocking my chair. Once or twice when first sitting down, or when getting up to go to toilet etc is fine. But that's it.
    There is no acceptable reason to keep on doing it. NO REASON.

    "But I get numb and need to fidget." Then sit behind an empty fucking chair.
    "But I'm freakishly tall." That's your problem, but when you continually knock other people's seats it is now their problem as well. Move to an aisle seat, or sit behind a seat that's empty.

    "But I'm oblivious to other people, also I selfishly don't care if I'm an annoying twat." Exactly. Don't be like that.

    "But I (insert any fucking bullshit you want to try to bullshit about here). SIT BEHIND A FUCKING EMPTY SEAT. It's that fucking simple.

  • Explains why I can’t get out of platinum rank
  • The key to getting out of plat is defending then passing up. Along with rotating properly, proper zones, and spacing.

    Do NOT watch xvideos, or pretend to be a dog. That won't help you at all.