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brain filling in color
  • So how does ai exactly knows which color is the picture... I always thought that by analysing the binary it is possible to recognize previous learned sequences for predetermined colors and as such answer the question... In this example there's no sequence for red for example...

  • Just an early stage of modeling a sunglasses arm frame
  • Hey that was mind opening, I never thought about how many different trees I could build and the implications of each... It was always like "I think I could build it this way let's do it .." and most of the times for "difficult" projects after a couple of failed attempts and start over it would come out fine . It is really interesting the process with which you professionally chose the best one ,im not at a high enough level to be able to replicate the things you said but I can understand the decision you took and why, the likelihood of failure is something nobody teaches on the regular Internet ...
    We are definitely built different I hate sanding so much I take in count fractions of mm and I usually account for the shrinking/growing of the object related to the shape filament and direction of prints ...😅(Approximation from past prints) I still have to do it but at least I couldn't have done better .. I'm definitely guilty of the last one 😂😂😂 that might be the reason most of my projects end up broken 😅 Yeah the π one is a great advice too it's an approssimation so its logical that curves that should match don't ....

  • Just an early stage of modeling a sunglasses arm frame
  • This Is on an other level.... I am not anyway close to being actually able to model something like that but if I had to guess I will use the "draft" ? For the lense too.. later cut the nose shape and make a simmetry... Good job man 👍🏻

  • excuse me !!



    trying to fix a wifi antenna need some help 😅...

    Hy I bought a cheap Yagi wifi antenna need some help cause the previous owner broke it and tried to fix it red neck style... It didn't work ... I hope I would be able to add a picture here is a breaf description anyway it's the cheapest brand you can find online the main element is formed into an oval shaped metal ring and here comes my question where should I solder the middle wire ? On one end ? On the other ? Should I pass it throu the (hollow) metal ring and weld it back to himself ? I have seen people build Yagies with similar ovaly shaped rings and they made the cable pass through half the ring and weld it there the problem is that my ring is shaped exactly like a C it doesn't have a second gap in the middle of the left part ... (Here=>C) English is not my first language hope it's good enough to be understood ask if not 👍🏻


    i have a problem with USB c charging 😅

    Hey guys i cant find any usefull guide on how USB c charging works in depth. In particular i have bought a pair of Sony headphones which i would like to make wireless change so I also bought a crappy wireless coil meant to convert a phone into wireless charging. i opened the headphones, located the ground and 5v pin coming from the USB connected the circuit and surprise the charging led doesn't light ... The charging board is separated from the main board so I checked the flat cable that connects them, found the 5v and gnd ,spliced into it, and the led light lit as if it was charging. the next morning the led was of signaling the headphones are full, unfortunately after powering them on the battery status indicated was still 20% as the evening before ... Have I done anything wrong ? What about that phase when they negotiate the power output with a magic resistor ? What should I try next? Thanks in advance 👍🏻