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Do you like olives?
  • I used to hate olives, along with a lot of other things. Peppers. Beans. Blue cheese. And I used to tell everyone about how much I disliked stuff.

    But then I grew up. You don't have to eat olives if you don't want. But if you restrict your life to your little pre-approved list of acceptable foods, you're missing out.

    Life is short. Way too short. You don't want to discover how delicious a dirty martini with blue cheese olives is when you're old.

  • 'Ate Seagulls
  • Justified. I was in Edinburgh with my family and we had a lovely outdoor table.

    I went to the bathroom and our dinner came out while I was in the bathroom and a seagull STOLE MY GODDAMN £30 STEAK. Just hopped up on the table next to my brother-in-law and yoinked my medium-rare ribeye.

    Fuck those sky-rats.

  • Does anyone else feel like 90% of the population is stupid?
  • It even goes beyond this.

    Everyone thinks they're smarter than everyone else. Smarter than doctors, scientists, and engineers. Definitely smarter than whatever the political or ideological "other side" is.

    It's ruining our society. When George Carlin did his bit about "how stupid the average person is", he forgot to mention how 99% of us assume we skew into the "smarter than average" side.

    I can't have conversations with people I used to respect, relatives, old friends, or even casual acquaintances without everyone blathering on about how stupid these people are or that group is. I hate it.

  • Does anyone feel like an actual adult?
  • Yes and No. 48.

    There was never a horizon or dividing line I crossed between youth and adult. It just happened.

    I'm still the same person I was when I was 10/20/30/40. Still like cool things, still confused about why we're all here.

    Other than my body getting real creaky and doing all kinds of weird old things, the only real difference between youth and adult is the realization that this very thread addresses. We're all just making it up as we go. There's no such thing as "adult". There's no Council of Super-Smart People running the world.

    The only thing that makes you an adult is the realization that you have to be the change you want to see in the world. That you have to be the super-smart person running things.

  • It could happen here
  • There are politicians, right now, today, that support raising the minimum wage and then tying it to the CPI, expanding Medicare for all, and making college taxpayer funded.

    But they don't get enough votes, because...

  • It could happen here
  • Not really though...if young voters turned out en masse, they could replace all politicians with people they actually wanted. But they won't, because "I'm not into politics" or "My vote doesn't count".

    So it's pretty much apathy...they have the power.

  • The older I get, the truer this becomes
  • I also do this with emails at work all the time. I write a long detailed explanation of why something or someone is incorrect, then I realize clicking send will just cause me more hassle and I'm just working to get paid. It's not really gonna make my job any harder if they continue to be wrong, so it'll just sit there in drafts.

  • Anon is tired
  • Neat. Just was not at all expecting to see Pitchshifter in this discussion. (sorry I called them nu metal, felt strange to me too)

    Yeah, I guess they did warn us. I didn't really grasp the lyrics when I was younger. Even RATM was lost on me until I hit my 30s...

  • I'm worried that in the future we will be forced to use smartphones just like in China
  • My kid's school just implemented an app-based pickup process this year.

    You have to download an app and register your phone and email and child, then when you get in the line to pickup your child you have to press a button in the app.

    I literally cannot retrieve my child from school without a smartphone.

  • login issues v1.0.96

    When I attempt to login to on Connect for Android v1.0.96, I get

    error: - incorrect_login

    I am able to login to from Firefox and Wefwef (Voyager?) using the same username/password.

    I double and triple-checked before posting this because password problems are almost always user error...

    Edit: This was indeed user error. I was using the keyboard suggestion for my username which was adding a trailing space which was passed as part pf my username when attempting to log in. Removing the trailing space allows me to log in.