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Dragon Age: The Veilguard leads say it will be 'mission-based' rather than open world, with no fetch quests or busywork: 'You're not going to be gathering shards in the Hinterlands'
  • Cool, maybe rpgs aren't for you. Exploration, change and discovery is half the point. If you want to automatically get all the best loot because you went to a required place and did the required thing maybe you don't want an rpg maybe you just want a story game. That's fine, but DA was supposed to a BG spiritual successor once upon a time.

  • Todd Howard: 'We Don't Need to Rush' Next Fallout Game
  • A lot of the TV show is the world's slowest "unboxing" of the Fallout world. It's a fun ride, but the ultimate reveal is everyone's too busy being out for themselves to make the world better. (Not a surprise to anyone versed in Fallout lore), but without any of the story surprises, lore reveals the acting and story alone aren't really strong enough on their own to call for second viewings.

  • Steam owner Valve accused of ripping off 14m UK gamers
  • Steam very much makes that 30% worthwhile with the support and features they provide for free. They can't be forced to host games, prices are set by publishers/devs, steam takes 0% of steam key sales.

    The price parity is the part that might be argued, but I doubt it will go far. I'm not seeing very good arguments for this being anti-consumer, which is the key point.

  • PlayStation architect Mark Cerny discusses the evolving console, how PS5's design choices impact PC gaming
  • PC games often use or recommend controllers and there's nothing stopping them doing the same thing. I hesitate to label it as a console innovation because it's not limited to console in effect. Hell, PC games can use kinect and wii-motes, though not without some work, so those I'm more likely to give.

    I'll take your word on the PS5 games, it wasn't really fair for me to make that judgement without having access to many myself. I think it's one of those things that's easily overlooked. I don't think it's as big as gyro, though that xbox still lacks that is shocking. We'll see going forward I guess.

  • Embracer's Lars Wingefors on the "brutal truth" of the AAA market. CEO also discusses the possibility of raising the price of games to combat increasing development costs
  • The truth of the matter is that AAA games have become so risk adverse and so determined to get all the money that they've become a risky purchase for players. Though recent publisher action has proved that's true of some indies too. Getting players to pay full price in this market is going to be increasingly hard.

  • Halo Reach remains a masterpiece of dread - and the greatest prequel story of all time
  • Really it did a few major things for fps

    • regenerating health, allowing for a smoother difficulty curve and easier time balancing for devs
    • online multiplayer
    • A-B tested a bunch of controls for console shooter control schemes going forward

    Until halo right-stick to turn, ads to aim on screen was a common control mechanism.

    As soon as it released regenerating health, the control scheme and online multiplayer became a must-have for AAA fps. For PC it's basically just regenerating health, which was has proved to be a mixed blessing.

  • Halo Reach remains a masterpiece of dread - and the greatest prequel story of all time
  • Everyone familiar with the lore knew going in that it was going to be a tragedy. Reach had to fall after all. The tricky and surprising thing was getting people to root for the team and have hope for them, knowing the planet was going to be glassed.

    They turned the story of the planet into a small personal story about a very desperate situation. It isn't the best game, by any means, but it's impressive in it's own way and one of the better prequels.

  • The Games Industry Needs A Stronger Games Media
  • There is patreon-supported or similar. There are also ad blockers that click the ads too to destroy your tracking profile. I'm not sure if they trigger click-through statistics for payment purposes.