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  • I'd argue it's better to use actual alternatives. Half of the issue with free and open source software is that it's userbase is too small. If more people used it, it could actually improve in many ways.

    Lets take gaming on Linux as an example. The userbase on steam is somewhere around 5%. So there is almost no incentive for developers to make games that run nativly on Linux. Its actually easier to run the games in a compatibility layer then to get a Linux port of a game. And although wine and proton work incredibly well, sometimes even running a game better than on windows; a Linux native version of every game would be ideal. Which will never happen with such a small userbase.

    Next you have the terrible business practices of these companies. Even if you use the pirated versions. You are in their ecosystem and their community. You increase their profitability and their stock price simply by continuing the industry standard.

    Pirated versions of software like this is excusable if you need it for work or sometihing. But imagine if instead of staying with the status quo, you use and help improve actual free and open source alternatives. Versons of software that don't steal your data or monetize how you use it by selling your input to others or stealing it for "AI" datasets.

    Imagine using free and open source software that gives you feedom because your data stays on your devices, your creations belong to only yourself or who ypu choose to share it with, and you work with others to improve it; even if it's by just submitting bug reports. Imagine using something like that which you find so altruisticly beneficial that instead of pirating the software that has no respect for you, you donate money to the devs of free and open source software. Yes, I'm a pirate. But I do donate money to the right causes and something that protects my freedom is worth both my time and my money.

  • Humans didn't invent agriculture
  • Wouldn't the cats have also been demesticated by the wheat? Since the wheat domesticated humans, stored the wheat berries in silos which attracted mice and is the whole reason cats were like... "I live here now."

  • We might need to add some more logic to the recommendation algorithm

    I love Jellyfin. I did think these recommendations were a bit funny however since they were so off.

    Maybe the recommendations need to also look at the movies mpaa rating? Like something PG shouldn't be recommended after watching an R and especially not vice versa.

    I guess it becomes complex quickly if you want to add other rating systems to the mix.


    TIL about competitive scything

    I was shopping for a new scythe blade when I found this beautiful and incredibly long competition scythe blades.


    In the video, they seem to be judged not just on time but also on how well the area is mowed. I find this fascinating.



    Knights among toner cartridges

    > (Business people) speaking a language familiar and dear to them. Its portentous nouns and verbs invest ordinary events with high adventure; executives walk among toner cartridges, caparisoned like knights. We should tolerate them - every person of spirit wants to ride a white horse. > -William Strunk Jr. (The Elements of Style)


    When Fans Become Stalkers

    It's a long video for sure. But worth a watch if you are concerned about privacy.

    Warning, this video talks about stalking, csam, racism, threats of violence/rape, and social media.