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Suicide Squad Cost Warner Bros. $200 Million In Revenue
  • Yeah I mean that’s kinda how I feel about it too. Why kill the momentum of a show that popular like that? Makes no sense. And yeah, I’m in the same boat. I won’t even give a shit by the time it comes out.

  • Trump without his fake tan and hair
  • Seriously the fake tan and hair is atrocious. If he grew like a goatee and just went with the bald he would actually look kinda cool. But he’s a rich boy moron so he looks like that.

  • Kim's sister denies North Korea has supplied weapons to Russia
  • Or maybe



    It didn’t actually happen because NK doesn’t have the facilities to manufacture meaningful levels of weapons to one of the greatest military powers in the world right now

    Could be western propaganda who knows

  • Texas mom says police held her face in pile of fire ants, covering head and neck with hundreds of bite marks
  • What a stupid fucking take. She said there were fire ants on her face. In that instance you move her. I’m not a cop, and I know this, and wouldn’t do this to someone, because I’m not a fucking moron.

    I swear to god you guys who stick up for the cops don’t even think for five seconds before hungrily jamming pig cock down your throats for all to see.

  • the "party of the working class"
  • Working class republicans don’t consider minimum wage workers to be working class. Liberals will never be able to wrap their heads around this and the culture wars will continue to no avail.