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A golf course less than eight miles away from the hottest point on the entire planet.
  • I mean people don't have to just stay home to get close to a golf course that isn't *literally siphoning the only source of sustainance for hundreds of miles."

    There's a golf course down the street from me, on a main road to one of two local hospitals, surely you can find one within the nearest 10mi and if you can't? You probably have bigger things to worry about than swinging a club at a 1inch sphere at your feet.

    If you're visiting a country that doesn't have enough grass to sustain pissing on a tree, you're going to the wrong places for golf.

  • Coming out.
  • Not plastering over literally every single mm^2 would be a start, but what do I know, as a user/viewer, I'm supposed to just look and not criticize (according to the rest of the troglodytes).

  • Controversial Thesis
  • or a state school like me, you're taking pot shots at my degree. And so while I agree with the sentiment,

    Lol imagine thinking this is a slight against you.

    Anyway comparing your intellectual degree, to your sports scholarship, is stupid. You're there for your muscles, not your brains, and even your school ride proves that. Get saltier.

  • Not so different
  • According to my friend, in the story, as a hero he got started in the US, so it's just the usual "American as seen by Japanese" type thing.

    Murica: blondes, stars and stripes, and talking loud

  • Is anyone else highly concerned with the SCOTUS ruling that the POTUS is immune from criminal liability?
  • Lol imagine being so late to the discussion that it's already over, and your thoughts are little more than hindsight, that your newborn child is an unforseen consequence

    Edit; incumbent idiots don't make the rest of us responsible for their mistakes. They fucking on they own, fucking simpasses.

  • Plant a seed, plenty weed.
  • As much as I fully endorse recycling in this way, in America, even though smell isn't enough to convict you, it's still enough to get dragged through the court systems until your life is beyond wrecked.

    Anyone can walk by an apartment/trailer, smell it, and call the cops on you. Once that's done, there's nothing to stop them from assuming your neighbors word over your own. Especially if it turns out they were right and the cops find cannabis in your home.

  • Who is a character you feel is overhated and despised too much ?
  • That's not a reason, that's a question that, in this context, or means the same thing. So someone's asking a reason for a thing, and you're saying that reason is "just cause."

    You're the child that literally nobody wants to talk to, with shit answers like "WHY YOU ASKING WHY?!" 🙄😒

  • What if Tyrannosaurus Rexes moved and walked like chicken do?
  • Man, I decided to do just that, and it was almost exactly what I thought (minus the technical words): if a velociraptor can do a metric fuckle of damage with their two hook-toes, a T-Rex with 2 of those on each hand can fuck something up, presuming it's close enough (which, as the T-Rex head/bite-force, and distance from the jaw suggests), would have been pretty frequently.

    Even if each claw only did a little damage, that's still a lot of blood loss throughout the conflict, and the T-Rex would be more likely to win.

  • Free Palworld update pushes Steam players up by 800%
  • Even if it's not an MMO, player count can be a very strong indicator of enjoyment/income at a given time. Even if it's a single player game, player count can show how popular a game is on whole. If a 5yo game still has engagement numbers above newly released games, it's strongly correlated with studio income/gamer trends.

    They can base future decisions on what they did correctly/incorrectly, and develop their next game/dlc/etc with those lessons learned.

    Release a game that has nobody playing after a month? Crapbasket. Release a game that has well into a million players despite the age? Fucking masterpiece.