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  • Well, I think you're annoying and you're the one coming into this here post with a shit opinion about a minority you're not a part of. You're not the victim here, your behaviour is unprompted

  • Polyamorule
  • Is polyamory just a joke to you? It's fine to be uncomfortable with the concept, be monogamous if you like, but treating it as a joke and calling it disgusting isn't very nice

  • Polyamorule
  • I don't know exactly who you're talking about, so I can't really make my own opinion on them, but the way you describe it feels weird. Polyandrous visibility is important, and your comment feels like "it's fine if they do it in their own homes, but I don't want to see it in public"

  • Spotlight for hyfetch: A successor to neofetch, with pride flags :D
  • Really cool program. If you want to have different flags chosen randomly here's something: hyfetch -p $(shuf -e bisexual pansexual nonbinary transgender rainbow | head -n 1) Set up an alias for it if you want to, and of course put in your own flags

  • outdated as usual, lets joke about the xz exploit
  • It's like the evil [character] meme where an image of them was inverted, along with a caption of something that's the opposite of what they'd say. So, here dystopia is basically depicted as "evil utopia"

  • muskroom rule
    1. "Attacking libraries" how tho? Are they saying bad things about libraries, do they run up to the buildings with sticks or what?
    2. What do homeless people have to do with it? It's framed like that's the reason for the "attacks", as if anarchists don't like homeless people
    3. Libraries do the exact opposite of gatekeeping, that hold the gate to knowledge open to anyone who wants it, I don't think anyone ever actually said that
  • Do you forget that you need to update your system?
  • I once updated shortly before pandoc got updated, and I have the habit of running yay again so it says that no packages need updating. On this occasion however, I suddenly had more updates than before