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Waarom zie ik steeds meer mensen op speaker praten met de telefoon voor hun mond?
  • Ik heb sinds kort een nieuwe telefoon. Het scherm is, net zoals meest nieuwe telefoons, zo groot mogelijk. De voorkant is bijna 100% touchscreen. Dit betekent dat de speakers en microfoon aan de onderkant van de telefoon zitten, waardoor je dus mensen als beste hoort als je zo in je telefoon praat. (Ook al moet ik zeggen dat ik speakers aan de bovenkant van mn telefoon zie, maar ik heb ze nog niet horen werken :( )

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 28 April 2024
  • I don't know how well this fits here, but, well I don't know where else to post nixos drama. So without further ado:

    NixOS drama

    Quick introduction: nix is package manager that allows you to reproducibly build any piece of software. It has been exploding in popularity over the past few years and has gotten to the point of receiving commercial endorsement. It has also received endorsement from more controversial companies, and this is where issues start to brew

    A few days ago, after the success of an open letter condemning nixcons sponsorship of Anduril, a new open letter showed up. This time it discusses the creator of nix, Eelco Dolstra, and how he is becoming detrimental towards the goals of the nix community. The letter is not quite as well received as the anti-anduril letter, mostly because of its padded length and aggressive tone. I think delroth captures my personal feelings towards this letter.

    Furthermore, Eelco has dropped a response, which ends in him suggesting users to move away from the community-run nix foundation and towards his consulting company, Determinate Systems. Needless to say I don't like this call towards division at all.

    Now I haven't don't a particularly deep analysis of this whole drama, since I'm basically merely a user and not all that active in the development of nix. Here is a link for if you want to get more details from someone who did go more in depth dissecting both articles

  • NixOS - apology from the Foundation Board about sponsorship
  • What are you on about? The open letter was specifically advocating against sponsorships and advertisements of the Military Industrial Complex. I.E. private companies who specifically try to turn a profit from countries going to war. Companies that literally earn money over people's dead bodies. I think the people that wrote the open letter were very aware that being sponsored by the military was something that is hard to avoid. However there is a clear difference between being sponsored by a military and being sponsored by, like, literal death merchants

  • Steam keeps on winning
  • Count this comment as irrelevant if you will, but I think one of the biggest missed opportunities of EGS is mod support. They have this world-class game engine, and they do so little with it. Maybe it is because of Unreal Tournament 4 failing to take off. Maybe they think just hamfisting a bunch of this modding stuff into Fortnite is all they need, but still I feel like the EGS version of the steam workshop is an open goal. Hell, with the money they're saving from pawning off Bandcamp you can even buy off to get support for virtually no work at all. Like why hasn't this happened yet?

  • Looking for input regarding finding an IDE (spoilers: involves Emacs and Vim)
  • Would it be fair to say that Neovim attempted with Lua to bridge that gap and also make it a lot more accessible?

    I think so? Tbh I'm not very involved in the modern version of neovim but I don't disagree with them moving to lua

    I don't think you did, but I'm already aware. I even have some concerns regarding its sandbox 😅. Would you happen to know more regarding this?

    EWW (short for Emacs Web Wowser) is very basic, only really working with the HTML and not so much the css, and definitely not JavaScript. Don't expect anything fancier than a blog post to work :P

  • Looking for input regarding finding an IDE (spoilers: involves Emacs and Vim)
  • Would you happen to know to what that is attributable?

    Not sure but I suspect it's 2 things:

    • the default editor is kinda shit
    • but it is really good at editing it's configuration language: elisp

    So people have a need to change their editor, and a good configuration language to do it in. Moreover, emacs secretly comes with a bunch of built-in features, not enabled by default. It also helps that emacs is not terminal-based, allowing users to do stuff in emacs that you aren't able to do in a normal terminal (like viewing images, or searching for images on the web. Did I already say that emacs has a built-in (primitive) web browser?) and generally means that emacs users "live" in emacs, as they already have access to so many features.

    If you compare this to vim

    • good text editing experience by default
    • vimscript wasn't all that great (lua is better but neovim is still a very good editor so the drive to fix all it's warts isn't quite there)
    • it is terminal based, so you can't do some of the funny stuff that emacs allows you to do

    Did I understand you correct in that customizing Spacemacs is a completely different beast?


    So knowledge acquired related to it doesn't translate well to Vanilla/Doom Emacs and vice versa?

    I wouldn't quite say that. It is more that you are probably going to need some prerequisite emacs knowledge to make the best use out of spacemacs' layer system. To figure out how spacemacs works, you first need to have a basic idea of how emacs works. Doom is a bit closer to the metal, so you need to know less in order to properly customize it

  • Looking for input regarding finding an IDE (spoilers: involves Emacs and Vim)
  • Oh! Emacs fanboy here!

    I think that one of emacs' surprising great points is that there is a plugin for a lot of smaller languages. If you're working with a language that has no special text editor love at all you're likely better off using vim but if the language authors made a plugin for their language, it's likely either going to be for emacs or vscode.

    As for distribution vanilla emacs Doom emacs. Spacemacs has a bespoke customization system involving layers that is not all that friendly towards copy & pasting code from the internet. Doom emacs customization leans more to the vanilla side which can help if you need to solve a problem in your workflow.

    (Obviously vanilla emacs works best in that regard, but I can understand not wanting to start with default emacs straight away)

  • Unison | A friendly, statically-typed, functional programming language from the future · Unison programming language
  • I think that when it comes to functional programming with effect systems, unison is currently the closest to showing how it is actually done. Koka and languages like Effekt are of course very nice, but they don't show much going for them besides the example nondeterminism and exception effect. Verse, that language that was going to be used as Fortnite's scripting language, also plans on adding these effect systems a la Koka.

    Overall, I think one of 2 things will happen:

    • unison will slowly gain more and more adoption and grow out to become a formidable niche language
    • Verse will blow unison out of the water and everyone who once even considered unison will be moving to Verse instead
  • What are the differences between linux distributions?
  • This Arch story reminds me a lot of a r/talesfromtechsupport story that went remarkably similar but had a less happy ending for the Linux enthusiast, where he basically disabled the TPM and couldn't access the company network because the network seemed to only allow trusted machines.

    Can't find it right now but maybe I can do some digging once I'm on a computer

  • Het woord "Noch"

    Ok dus ik ben net naar het toilet geweest en er schiet me opeens een brandende vraag naar binnen: Hoe gebruiken jullie het woord "noch"? Ik heb het namelijk in meerdere vormen gezien en vroeg me af of er een correcte versie is.

    De versies die ik eerder heb gezien zijn:

    • Ik heb het een noch het andere gedaan
    • Ik heb niet het een noch het andere gedaan
    • Ik heb niet het een noch niet het andere gedaan
    • (Ik heb het ene niet gedaan en het andere ook niet gedaan) (sommige mensen gebruiken het woord "noch" gewoon niet)

    Ik ben persoonlijk voorstander van versie 2, aangezien het duidelijk een opsomming van ontkenningen aanduidt, maar ik vraag me af of er mensen zijn die er andere gedachtes over hebben


    Why Static Languages Suffer From Complexity (and type-safe printf implementation without macros)

    I think, especially in programming language communities, that there tends to be a preference towards making a static language for their compile time guarantees, and this is a pretty concrete counterargument as to why people find dynamic languages "easier to program in"