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Got this last week in Japan. So itchy right now

What is YOUR top 10 list of all time best video games?
  • Half life 2 (especially episode 2), HL: Alyx, Mario 3, Sonic 3 (with Sonic and Knuckles attached), Sonic 2, space station 13, dead by daylight, portal 2, guitar hero 3, I dunno, one of the metal gear solids or Garry's mod

  • The only feeling worse than "Why didn't I think of that?" is "I thought of that, but didn't do anything about it!"
  • My team and I built an automated restaurant management/ordering system that used touch screens as my senior project in college, way before they were a big thing (we put lcds into a table and used one of those things you put over the screen to make them touchable).

    After college, none of us continued working on it.