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Voyager 1 returning science data again
  • Ha my sister had to learn FORTRAN for her research science work. Lot of long-term, old survey tools use it still. Apparently it was... not a pleasant experience to learn the language haha.

  • would you do this?
  • Disney+ actually does this to a degree. There's several categories including chronographically for MCU and Star Wars. But it's limited to whole movies and shows, not per episodes or part of episodes like how you can intercut between Clone Wars S7E9-12 and EpIII.

  • "Genocide is good if an Anti-Imperialist Country(tm) is doing it!"
  • Yeah I'm a socialist and agree with a lot of what Marx wrote and no fucking way do I support anything Russia is doing in Ukraine. Tbh I'm disheartened that Russia hasn't suffered more severe internal consequences for this illegal invasion. Ukraine has every right to fight and retake its sovereign land, including attacking assets inside Russia.

    I do feel bad for the Russian people in general, but that's not because of any politics, I feel the same way about Palestinians, Sudanese, Haitians, and the people of Myanmar. Anyone suffering under the tyranny of small dick leaders.

  • Nigel Farage: I would lead ‘merged’ Reform-Conservative party
  • I swear to tits if you guys elect this fucking guy, we're gonna bring the revolution war over there next time.

    As per usual, if we elect orange guy again, kindly please recolonize us.

    Love and kisses, America

  • Does anyone know of a "door stop" for chairs?

    I wish I had space for a simchair rig but I have to use my normal chair for my driving sims. The only catch is the wheels on my chair are extremely sensitive so when I apply any pressure on my pedals I actually roll backwards haha.

    I currently just use an old rolled up towel but was looking for a more permanent solution like something I can just slide behind my chair. I've checked the manufacturer of my chair (Herman Miller) don't sell lockable casters and don't recommend 3rd party parts =\

    I'd almost say it's a job for a 3D printer but I don't have one either haha. Any suggestions would be great!