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Apple surpasses Microsoft as world's most valuable company after unveiling AI plans
  • Tell me it's a silly opinion, but I don't care about arbitrary stock news and I think they don't belong in a place like c/technology. Even when it's about the two biggest tech giants. I would like to discuss Apple's AI if they ever have anything to show for it but until then it's just hot air like their emission pledges.

  • Tim Cook is “not 100 percent” sure Apple can stop AI hallucinations
  • I'm not exaggerating when I say there's only like a dozen true experts for generative AI on the planet and even they're not completely sure what's going on in that blackbox. And as far as I'm aware Tim Cook isn't even one of them. How would he know?

  • China’s glut of idle property causes headache for the government
  • We're talking about high rise buildings with cardboard mixed into the concrete that collapse within less than 5 years in many many cases. They often don't have plumbing or electricity as they are only constructed to get people to invest in property, not to live in them. US citizens really don't know how much regulations and their enforcement are doing for them.

  • China’s glut of idle property causes headache for the government
  • Well they could use them as makeshift landfills for their garbage EVs, but people cannot live in them as there is no water, gas or electicity anywhere. And that's only half the problem because there are far more empty shells for an excuse of a home than there are people to populate them. It's one giant ponzi scheme that got completely out of hand over a decade ago and the government struggles a lot to restrain and keep it going at the same time so it doesn't collapse.

  • FSJ, FÖJ und Bufdi: Freiwilligendiensten droht der Kahlschlag - Um die Schuldenbremse einzuhalten, soll gespart werden – und das auch bei den Freiwilligendiensten, und zwar im massiven Umfang.
  • Ich bin da ganz bei dir. Der Club Deutscher Unternehmer (CDU) und Anhang wollten unbedingt unmündige Schafe, die sich leicht treiben lassen. Jetzt wo sie das Ruder an Radikale verlieren, die siese Schafe besser wissen einzufangen, radikalisieren sie sich mit um nicht den Anschluss zu verlieren. Nicht, dass treten nach Unten und Fremdenfeindlichkeit neu bei der CDU wären, aber es nimmt jetzt wieder in einer rasanten Geschwindigkeit zu. Danke für nichts, Merkel. Wirklich.

  • Why do we say, "when I look in the mirror" instead of "when I look in a mirror?"
  • We say "the doctor" when talking about the concept of a doctor. We tend say "my doctor" and not "the doctor" when talking about what our respective doctor told us. Kind of like how we refer to the clock as "my clock" when we notice a difference to the universally accepted concept.

  • Umfrage: Neue deutschsprachige Lemmy-Instanz
  • Schade, dass der Wille, sich endlich von der Assoziation mit Reddit zu lösen, nicht groß genug ist. Wirkt nach wie vor wie „Reddit aber Lidl Eigenmarke“ statt etwas eigenes zu sein.

  • Der soll sich doch bitte aus der deutschen Politik raushalten, die ist so schon schlimm genug
  • Der Typ ist Kumpel von Peter Thiel, der Anarcho-Kapitalist, der selbst den Republikanern zu rechtsradikal und größenwahnsinnig ist. Und die beiden sind übrigens auch eng mit Sam Altman verzahnt. Das ist eine Bande von Parasiten, die davon leben, das Leid anderer auszuschlachten um noch mehr ekelhaften Reichtum und Macht anzuhäufen. Da kommt die AfD gerade gelegen, die sich und unser Land sofort für ein paar Geldscheine verkaufen.

  • Patrick Breyer and Pirate Party lose EU Parliament seats
  • Polls are problematic in that they reinforce their own predictions. It's especially frustrating in recent years when you're bombarded with them even when there's no election in sight. Problem is, governing parties are usually busy governing while populists are campaigning 24/7. Media has made a huge effort to reinforce the trend and get people used to living in a far right era. Polls are unhelpful and destort democracy to a dangerous degree.

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Saints and Sinners Trailer
  • What a terrible unnecessary and emotionally loaded strawman argument. I actually own the DLC and love BG3 just as I love Larian‘s other recent games. You‘re wrong about it being just cosmetics too. And it was Larian who made a HUGE deal about not tolerating any additional, paywalled content when the game had it from day 1. And so you now make a huge deal about how it somehow doesn‘t count because Larian is based or something. Just accept that they lied there just like they lie about shareholders and enjoy the video game like everyone else without treating the devs like your holy absolute.

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance II Saints and Sinners Trailer
  • What do you usually do when you don’t remember information that is freely available? I am talking about the very DLC featured on the Steam page. The one with an item bag that gives you more dialog options. The one that Larian made a big deal about not existing. Guess it worked considering there‘s even gaslit superfans in here refusing to admit it exists because it‘s somehow such a world shattering deal to them.