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Sticky trick: new glue spray kills plant pests without chemicals
  • You don't understand, this new pesticide consists of tiny leaflets with stories so complelling the insects cannot stop reading them. They are literally (not literally) glued to the page.

    edit: and yet the leaflets would be made of chemicals and in the long run would be harmful

  • A bit of a weird question: Can modern medicine be a threat to humanity long-term by greatly reducing effects of natural selection?
  • The more varied the sample of individuals you can afford to keep alive in your population, the more chances you have that a subset of them will be able to withstand random changes in the fitness function. If the environment changes abruptly, you will have a hard time adapting as a species if you only ever supported people "within the norm". What happens in those cases is called extinction.

  • Nope. No.
  • With llms there are 2 possibilities:

    1. you ask it something that already exists and it gives you a goodish solution that you could have found as part of an existing open source project
    2. uou ask it something completely new and it gives you crap, and you won't even notice because you have fired all the people that could have noticed
  • Nope. No.
  • Luddites were 100% on the right side of history, as they were complaining not about technology but about the way it was being used as leverage against the lower classes. Your opinion of them is the result of an easy smear campaign, from the same people that are wielding technology now against you with your blessing.

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