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VLC Player
  • I tried using it years ago but I didn't like the interface so I ended up switch back to media player classic

  • What do I need to trouble shoot second hand desktop computer? And how?
  • There might not even be a speaker installed

  • The betrayal
  • Is that Avril Lavigne with big ol' honkers?

  • Zelda Movie Is Being Made In Close Collaboration With Miyamoto
  • "Link, we need to stop Gannon and save the princess!"
    Link: "HUH!" smashes pot and runs away

  • bloody wokies making dr who all gay and that!
  • Wow, quite literally too

  • bloody wokies making dr who all gay and that!
  • Why is Barrowman now unmentionable?

  • Army major resigns over Biden's response to Israel
  • He's a shithead officer because he doesn't want thousands of civilians to be bombed?

  • Prison for cybersecurity expert selling private videos from inside 400,000 homes
  • It took me far to long to figure out that there wasn't a prison for cybersecurity experts that was selling private videos

  • Why are many men growing beards again ?
  • I get awful razor burn and I hate shaving. Grow beard, trim the mo' every now and then, go see my barber for a tidy up when it starts getting too wild. So much easier

  • Remember zip drives?
  • I just bought a drive for my retro machine

  • Remember zip drives?
  • I just bought a drive for my retro machine

  • I think I'm autistic
  • Yea, exactly. It's a tough one, but I do often wonder if I should have mentioned something

  • I think I'm autistic
  • I met a friend with autism when we worked together years ago. One day he came to me and said "I've been talking to some people and doing some tests and it looks like I might have autism."
    I looked at him for a few seconds and said "wait, you didn't know?"
    "You knew and didn't say anything?!"
    "Well I thought you knew! It's not really casual work chat 'hey man, how was your weekend? BTW looks like you're a bit autistic'"

  • One Year Anniversary Giveaway! - WINNERS CHOSEN!
  • It probably didn't help that the first couple of tries were prerelease. Finally gave it a full play through a year or two ago

  • One Year Anniversary Giveaway! - WINNERS CHOSEN!
  • Subnautica took me a few goes to properly get into, but once I was in, oh boy was I in

  • One Year Anniversary Giveaway! - WINNERS CHOSEN!
  • Universe sandbox seems interesting enough for me to want to play but not quite enough for me to spend $30 on. This would be a perfect opportunity to finally give it a go.
    Steam, please and thankyou

  • Does blowing on our hot food before we put it into our mouths actually make a difference to how hot it is?
  • Because the first comment mentioned boxing. I'm pretty sure they intentionally conflated Neil with Mike for comedic effect

  • Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle
  • Fields of Verdun - Sabaton