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If I have a USB powered device, could I leave it plugged into a portable power bank (like the kind you charge your phone with) as a power outage backup?
  • Both of my USBc power banks have passthrough charging and would work for this. That's the feature you need to look for.

    However, keeping a battery bank charged to 100% isn't good for longevity, make sure you get a good name brand one so it doesn't catch fire.

    Edit to add: the ecoflow & jackery power banks can also charge their batteries while running something. They can do 120v/240v and run the current nose machine, but they're more expensive

  • Anybody using a framework laptop?
  • I think the GPU being separately upgradable on the 16" pokes a tiny hole in your argument. But I generally agree, there's not too much that is saved or retained when upgrading. But for some people it's worth it, if they're reusing the ram, SSD, Wi-Fi card in addition to the parts you mention, AND they're not too rough on the case, screen, and keyboard/trackpad.

  • Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored? The insurance industry, hungry for insights into how people drive, has turned to automakers and smartphone apps like Life360.
  • My 2016 Ford did record data on hard stops and high-g turns and sent a report to my phone to help improve driving efficiency. It was an opt in feature and promoted as a way to increase range since it was a hybrid. However all that stopped when the 3g network was shut down and ford decided they wanted to charge 2k for a 4g upgrade

  • Vanity license plates Cort

    Oh pls