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‘Anti-Woke’ Water Makes a Splash at Conservative Conference
  • she got the idea for the brand while watching the Republican debates, where she noticed audience members drinking water that had “no connection to the people drinking it.”

    They could have been drinking the same water as the blue team. Disgusting.

  • Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored? The insurance industry, hungry for insights into how people drive, has turned to automakers and smartphone apps like Life360.
  • Does it actually tell you the results? I'm curious how they score your driving, and how effective it is. The scariest things I see on the road are things like:

    • distracted driving
    • tailgating
    • lack of awareness

    I don't see how they'd measure how safe a driver you are.

    Perhaps it's just that people are more careful when they know they're being monitored, and safe drivers are more likely to opt in?

  • security
  • I think most orgs would want to own the server and for messages to not be end-to-end encrypted. All connections to the server would still be encrypted.

    That would be more in-line with slack or something.

    If you're referring to federation specifically then that's going to get pretty complicated with security policies.

  • What does "flag to flag" mean?
  • I was trying to find a good reference but all I could find was bloated SEO garbage.

    I think the deal is that a flag-to-flag race is not red flagged when it starts to rain. Instead the riders can switch bikes, which is not normally allowed.

  • Helldivers: Internal discussions are ongoing about the mandatory linking change. The response from our dev team has been pretty universally negative and we're looking for better options.
  • Something I've noticed from working in a big company is that people consistently fail to predict the backlash that their policy changes will cause.

    They often don't even care all that much about the change, and if you point out that people will be upset, they agree that it's not worth it. They just can't relate to the people they are impacting.

  • Proof of concept for Lemmy plugin system
  • Something which notifies you whenever a new comment or reply is made to a selected post/comment, so that you can keep track of any new conversation.

    Something like this would be awesome as a core Lemmy feature IMO. It would essentially turn a post (or maybe any comment tree?) into a matrix style room. Lemmy is actually decent for long term discussion (e.g. helping someone with a problem), but not if there are more than two people involved.

  • Dual monitor suspend, one monitor does not turn on when waking up.
  • I'd probably:

    1. make sure it can be reliably reproduced using something like systemctl suspend
    2. try swapping the cables and see if it still happens on the same screen, or the same port
    3. look at journald/dmesg output for the period from suspend to resume

    When the screen fails to wake, are you able to get it back by powering it off, or by unplugging it? Is it X or wayland?