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9 July 1987
  • I know it's a national sport (which I also practice) to worship Bill Watterson, but I was reading this strip and thinking both how nice and friendly his style is, as well as how realistic his imaginary stories are. Sometimes it's not just funny and creative, it also feels like he's drawing from everyone's childhood.

    Maybe we should sue him, how does he know so much about us (lemmings, earthlings, planetary beings, etc)?

    Edit: fixed grammar

  • Big Trouble In Little China (1986 720p)
  • It is so awesome Carpenter thought about making a movie whose protagonist is the sidekick. It's an absolutely obvious role reversal and yet (as far as I know, and I admit I know little) it hadn't been done before and hasn't been done again (please correct me if I'm wrong)

  • Let's talk about Google Chrome and ads, and getting around Google's ad enforcing tactics (manifestv3)
  • Well, you're right in principle, but with my (old, but current) Mac+Intel configuration Firefox is not as sleek as Chrome and also often Firefox turns the fan on while Chrome doesn't (it may just be that Google is bricking Firefox when you're on YouTube, for example)

    Anyhow, I'm trying to use Firefox as much as I can (I've always done so), but it's always been true it was a better experience to use Chrome on my setup (and I've never used Safari)

    Edit: why the downvotes? To teach me a lesson? I said he's right, but I do have an actual problem and cannot yet make the full move (and am going to check out the suggestions below. Thanks!)

  • More is not better: the developing crisis of scientific publishing
  • "Publish or perish" is an expression that's been around since forever and it's well ingrained into every researcher's mind so...

    What did society expect?

    (Not so) Fun story: when a friend of mine was doing her PhD she was trying really hard to reproduce an experiment published on Nature by two Harvard postdocs at the time. She was so frustrated because she couldn't reproduce it, so she approached one of the authors during a conference and he candidly admitted the experiment was utterly wrong, since after publishing it they realized they made a fatal mistake in interpreting the result which invalidated their claims.

    They published the original paper honestly, since they were not aware of the mistake at the time, but they willingly decided not to retract it since a paper in Nature is always a paper in Nature and the citations piling up were too important for their career... How about that for the intellectual honesty that scientists project having as an aura?

    Anyhow, this nearly killed my friend's PhD, but luckily she switched to something related she managed to understand and graduated...

  • Feelin' the burn
  • This would be an awesome plot for an Alterered Beast sequel (and a satisfying thought to keep while working out)

    It would be awesome for those who played the original game and those who have no idea what it is!

  • Cake
  • He's convinced she's his wife before he hugged her, so I surmise she's the 2030 version of the ninja log...

    ...Just before he could hug her, she replaced herself with a cake. That really is dedication on her part!

  • Not seeing my up votes anymore

    Since a few days I've not been able to see my up votes. If I go to my profile, I see the sum total of my comments and of my posts, but next to them I see two zeros.

    This seemed to coincide with the Lemmy.World update.

    I logged out and back in more than once, but it doesn't change this issue.

    Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you fix it?

    Thanks anyways for reading this


    Where does pollution go when it rains?

    I unfortunately live in a very polluted area, one where air quality apps mark in red and recommend that I never get out of my lair.

    When it rains enough the air quality becomes more bearable and here comes the question: where does pollution go when it rains hard? Does it get pushed to the ground and stays there? Does it get embedded in the water (so instead of breathing it, I get to drink it later in the tap water)?

    I'm curious to know where it gets dispersed or stuck (to possibly avoid it)


    Why do some posts disappear, but can still be voted?

    Yesterday I saw a post about the Reddit IPO and commented on it. The post was on c/World News of Lemmy.World and seemed to just have been posted since it had no comments.

    I then kept scrolling as usual and found out that the same exact post with the same title had already appeared on c/Technology of Lemmy.World with lots of comments and votes, so I understood the first one I saw was a repost and this was likely the original post and I decided to write the same comment again.

    Now something interesting happened. I use Eternity and see my two identical comments being up or down voted and someone replied to my first comment (and I can see this reply in my inbox), but I cannot access the first post anymore (it says "error refreshing the page")

    Thought the first post had been taken down because perhaps the original poster or mods decided it was a repost, but I woke up this morning and both of my comments keep being voted, so someone must be able to see both posts!

    How is this possible?

    Edit: fixed grammar


    Raccontate le vostre storie terribili con operatori telefonici

    Vorrei evitare di rendere almeno questo mio post una pubblicità con questo o quell'operatore, quindi anonimizzerò le varie compagnie (ma voi sentitevi liberi di fare ciò che vogliate).

    Ho varie storie brutte di operatori mobili italiani

    (1) Nel 2019 decido di cambiare dall'operatore A con cui ero da tre anni, all'operatore Z per vedere come mi sarei trovato. Il contratto che avevo con A durava due anni e dopo ero libero di cambiare, dato che erano quasi tre anni, passo a Z senza farmi problemi. Qualche mese dopo, nell'ultimo estratto conto della Banca Popolare di Vincenza (prima di essere assorbita da Banca Intesa) trovo 50 euro trattenuti dalla Cattiva A senza ragione. Non me ne sarei accorto perché la mia carta di credito stava venendo chiusa prima del passaggio e non mi hanno notificato niente

    (2) Siamo nel 2023. Mia madre aveva un contratto con A (sempre loro) da ormai da 11 anni. Contratto bruttino (pagava 13 euro al mese per 10 GB di dati e telefonate illimitate), ma a lei andava bene così perché poteva comprare biglietti dell'autobus con SMS e non voleva cambiare. Mia madre mi chiama e mi dice che nel 2022 ha speso 500 euro di telefono. Ora 13x12 = 156 e anche pagando 2 euro di biglietti del bus, non saremmo arrivati che a poco più di 200. Vado nel negozio di A dove scopro che è stata passata ad un contratto a 20 euro al mese (con tutto illimitato) senza nessuna notifica e che ha mille servizi attivati, ad esempio un ottimo 2 euro al mese "contro i virus". Cerco di farglieli disattivare sul posto, ma mi viene detto che devo chiamare. Dopo aver lottato al telefono, dico a mia mamma che d'ora in poi torna a comprarsi biglietti dell'autobus di carta e la passiamo a Z. Le spese adesso sono controllate. Nel frattempo A continua a mandare messaggi dicendo "torna da noi a 6 euro al mese per tutto illimitato". Ma come, fino a due mesi prima ne volevate 20?

    (3) Siamo nel 2023. Un mio collega normalmente molto attento e preciso, mi racconta che per ragioni che non ha capito, il pagamento automatico non ha funzionato un mese, e la compagnia B non gli ha detto nulla. Dopo qualche mese gli arriva una lettera che dice che deve pagare 150 euro al posto di 10 da una compagnia di recupero crediti. Non ha ricevuto nessuna notifica riguardo al mancato pagamento l'anno prima e tutti i mesi del 2022 sono stati pagati, tranne uno. Ha fatto varie telefonate, ma non è servito a nulla. Gli hanno fatto scrivere da un avvocato, chiedendone 250 e minacciandolo di andare in tribunale. Non mi ha dato tutti i dettagli, ma mi ha detto che per chiudere la cosa (per sfinimento) ha pagato 250 euro.

    (4) Si sprecano le storie di altri miei amici che hanno subito continue rimodulazioni di prezzo e tentativi di attivare questo o quel servizio inutili che costano un sacco. Sono cose che leggo costantemente online, ma sento anche direttamente.

    E voi?


    The Cool Guy saga

    They post a video every five years and it's simple, but I like their imagination.

    Here's Cool Guy 2 and Cool Guy 2.5


    Some feature requests and questions

    Are any of these features already existing (and can be activated, but I didn't see how)?

    (1) Making the sub-lemmy in the header have a different color so the user can visually spot the topic before reading the title

    (2) Moving the header road footer, so see the topic/sub-lemmy after the title of the post

    (3) removing the exclamation mark in the sub-lemmy header across the app. Since it's present in all sub-lemmy's it is a bit a nuisance

    (4) change the size of the sub-lemmy names in the list of subscribed sub-lemmy's

    (5) write in user's points in the about tab

    (6) graying out titles of posts already read

    (7) search through posts you only upvoted (but not saved). This may be a Lemmy feature request and not just Liftoff though as I've seen this lacking from all other apps I tried

    Thanks for making a really awesome app!


    Come faccio ad entrare su con profili di altre istanze?

    Sono su Lemmy da circa un mese e mezzo e ho due profili, uno su Lemmy.World ed uno su Lemmy.Zip

    Vorrei unirmi ad alcune comunità di, ma non riesco a trovarle su Jerboa o da Connect for Lemmy (le app che uso per accedere a Lemmy).

    Ho provato ad andare direttamente su e immettere le mie credenziali di Lemmy.World, ma non hanno funzionato. Avevo capito che nel fediverse bastasse avere le credenziali di una istanza e tutte le istanze federate accettassero queste credenziali.

    Come faccio a cercare e unirmi alle comunità con i miei profili di Lemmy?

    Oppure devo per forza farne uno nuovo apposito per

    Grazie mille


    Why do I appear as "pending" forever in some communities and why can't I search for some instances I know to exist?

    Since I joined joined Lemmy, I signed up for two instances (Lemmy.World and Lemmy.Zip) because I didn't entirely understand the fediverse and also because it seemed useful to be on multiple instances, since Lemmy.World sometimes has outages.

    Anyhow, coming from Reddit I started to look for communities I care about and I tried to join them. It's been two months now and there are some communities where I clicked on "join" and I still appear as "pending". Of course, they need to chose to approve me, but I'm wondering what I must do to prove worthy.

    Moreover, I learned about communities I might want to join and I cannot find them from the two instances I signed up for. More precisely, I wanted to join some communities on and I cannot find them from the search bar in Jerboa, while I can see them from Connect for Lemmy but I can only browse them as guest. Is that because they're not federated with the two communities I signed up for?

    I suppose in that case I need to try to make an account directly in such instances

    Thank you for any insight you might have!

    UPDATE: regarding the first question, as several people pointed out below, I still appear as pending, but these communities now appear as those I am subscribed to in my apps (this is some sort of standard glitch in Lemmy and it's OK).

    Regarding the second question, I've been to on my browser and looked for communities I like and then I searched for them in apps with a better search function, such as Liftoff.

    While I know everyone is going gangbusters about Sync for Lemmy, I still haven't found an app I like the best, but found each app is doing something slightly better than others, so I need to get more used to the fact that (at least for now), I need to access Lemmy through multiple apps (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

    Thank you everyone for your help!