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Dolphin found dead on beach riddled with bullets, NOAA offers $20k reward to find killer
  • Alright man, I guess I'm a shit human being that's not perfect and my words don't matter because it seems that you've made up your mind about me as a person from one comment on the Internet.

  • Dolphin found dead on beach riddled with bullets, NOAA offers $20k reward to find killer
  • Eh, I said what I said when my emotions were high on this. Still against the death penalty though.

  • The FTC has banned noncompete agreements
  • That's great news! My last job ended up "forcing" employees to sign non-competes or forgo their bonuses. Glad I left right before this became a thing. Always wondered how they'd even keep track and enforce something like that.

  • Dolphin found dead on beach riddled with bullets, NOAA offers $20k reward to find killer
  • I'm against the death penalty. But maybe whoever did this to the dolphin should also get to experience what it went through.

  • Jamal Murray takes game 2 for the Nuggets at the buzzer!!
  • Man what a game! Murray has a bad game but comes through just when it matters the most!

  • What todo app are you using?
  • Google Tasks. Love that it syncs to Google Calendar.

  • Trust exercise 2
  • I think that's the point, probably just to troll people.

  • Why the Internet Isn’t Fun Anymore
  • I miss Flash games on browsers. Limewire. YouTube before influencers.

  • Totally immersion breaking
  • Yeah exactly. He MADE Nike and Gatorade and athletic clothing popular. Dude made the NBA and basketball a globally popular market. He was way more than just an athlete.

  • Totally immersion breaking
  • Michael Jordan in the 90s was a worldwide phenomenon. I can totally believe it if they mentioned him. I'm from India originally and even we knew who he was in the 90s.

  • State laws regarding personal ownership of an alligator
  • Betty White grew crocodiles in Maine and we all knew how that turned out.

  • Good for him ☺️👍
  • Hell yeah Lord GabeN doing well!

  • Chechnya bans all music deemed too fast or too slow
  • April 1st was too fast for them so they opted to use April 8th.

  • Israel says its strike that killed aid workers was a mistake. Rights groups say it was no anomaly
  • Hamas claims to have lost 6000 and the IDF has claimed the number is 12000. Either way it's horrific that 32,000 innocent people have been killed. People that had no intention of attacking Israel. People who are just caught in between religious extremists. And it doesn't seem like the IDF is stopping any time soon.

  • Israel says its strike that killed aid workers was a mistake. Rights groups say it was no anomaly
  • 32,000 innocent people were killed in Gaza. That's 32,000 "mistakes" right there.

  • Compatibility issue
  • Also why does the other vase only have some leaves coming out of it? And why is the liquid in it yellow?

  • Focus on rights made India weak, says PM
  • Fucking religious tyrant. He's a useless waste of space.

  • Donald Trump has posted a $175 million bond to avert asset seizure as he appeals NY fraud penalty
  • Nah they should've just given him even less to pay. Make it $10 total and give him another month to come up with the money. That's what they just did.

  • Houthis sentence 9 men to death on dubious 'sodomy' charges in Yemen
  • At this point the Israeli government are terrorists because of the genocide they are causing. But I'm now reluctant to give them that classification only because they are a body of government that represents a country. The Houthis and Hamas groups don't really represent any country. They certainly don't represent Gaza because they're also exploiting them and decided to kill many innocent people, the event that started this whole war.

    Unless you're saying that Hamas is the representative of the Gazan people and so that makes all of Gaza responsible for the attack on Israel?

    The two groups in power in this situation are both horrible and currently Israel is doing unforgivable acts of eradication that is only going to further the hate they get from everyone that they're trying to destroy. But let's not think of this as "good guys vs bad guys". There's no good side, both are horrible, and innocent people are paying the price.

  • Houthis sentence 9 men to death on dubious 'sodomy' charges in Yemen
  • This is accurate, I agree. I should've worded my statement better.

  • Subscriptions not showing up in sidebar

    Love the app so far!

    One issue: I know I've subscribed to many more communities than just the ones that show up in the sidebar. But not all of my subscribed communities are listed there. I've double checked that I really am subscribed to those communities as well.

    In the web app version of Lemmy it clearly has ALL my subscribed communities. Any idea if others are seeing this issue too?

    Who would win? Battle boarding ConditionOverload
    Butterball joins MCU Infinity War!

    Here's some background info on Butterball:

    He's impervious to all physical damage, but is actually just an average man on offense.

    Round 1: He joins the crew on Titan, can they get the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos?

    Round 2: He joins the group in Wakanda for the final fight, do the results change from the movie in any way?

    Speed Force

    I often hear complaints (from battle boards everywhere) that the Speed Force is a pretty dumb way to give excuses and let Flash's powers work without real world consequences. I'm on the other side of this. It's a comic book character, so writing something like a Speed Force to not only explain why Flash doesn't tear himself or the world apart when he runs so fast (or any other issue high speed running would cause) is not only convenient, but entertaining as hell! Not sure why so many people tend to see that as some stupid concept.

    Who would win? Battle boarding ConditionOverload
    DCU Flash vs Fox Quicksilver

    Flash, from the latest Flash movie and Pietro from the X-Men Apocalypse movie!

    Round 1: Who wins in a direct fight?

    Round 2: Makkari from Eternals vs Flash?

    Bonus: Makkari and Quicksilver team up, can Flash beat them both together?

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals ConditionOverload
    My sleepy doggo!