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Keep retro games alive
  • Classic Fallout games are timeless. Also realized that by the time I'm seventy gen delta, or whatever greek letter we're on, will consider Fallout 4 a classic, retro Fallout game. So that's a fun thought.

  • Could Xbox Soon Become The Next Dreamcast?
  • No? Xbox might not be in the greatest place right now, but it's a far cry from where Sega was when they discontinued the Dreamcast. Yeah, Microsoft stepped on a lot of rakes with the Xbox One, but it wasn't a Saturn-style disaster and Microsoft is still doing well enough to buy out a major game publisher.

  • FTC Rejects ESRB's Proposal to Use Facial Recognition Age Verification Tool - IGN
  • Good. This was a terrible idea. Even setting aside all the privacy concerns, which are numerous, how well would this have even worked? Trusting algorithms to guess the age of users was only going to result in a ton of people not being able to play a game because the algorithm decided they look like twelve-year olds.

  • Why are younger generations embracing the retro game revival?
  • Because the games are good? Does their need to be a deeper reason then that? I mean, I guess a boom in retro games among Gen Z and younger says something about the state of the modern industry, but younger generations have always liked older things despite entertainment industries trying to push them towards the shiny and new. Still definitely nice to see though.

  • The largest campaign ever to stop publishers destroying games [Accursed Farms]
  • It's an impressive battle plan. I'm always a little pessimistic when it comes to these things, but at least this effort is casting a wide net. If even one of them succeeds that could impact the entire industry. Hopefully some government body, somewhere chooses to take this seriously.

  • The Triple-i Initiative gaming showcase is coming April 10th
  • No ads? No awkward celebrity cameos? No sponsors? Just video games? At a video game event? Ridiculous.

    More seriously, there are a lot of good studios on that list and I'm excited to see what they have to announce.

  • Judas First Details: How Ken Levine Is Building on BioShock With 'Narrative LEGOs'
  • Feels like forever since I heard Ken Levine ramble on about narrative LEGOs and game design. It's an interesting concept and hopefully the game lives up to expectations. I'm still cautious that it might all end up being pre-release hype, but he certainly seems passionate about the idea and I'm certainly curious to see what narrative LEGOs actually looks like in execution.

  • PS5 Pro developer verdict: ‘I didn’t meet a single person that understood the point of it’
  • Yeah, besides the PSSR feature, I'm struggling to see the point in upgrading to this if you already have a PS5. It feels like Sony and Microsoft are just going with plans they made at the start of the generation when they assumed they would need a mid-gen refresh. But with the massive shortages it doesn't really feel like we're at the kind of midpoint that calls for a console refresh.

  • Critically acclaimed Dragon's Dogma 2 hits "mostly negative" on Steam after players raze it for microtransactions
  • From what I understand, fast travel isn't locked behind microtransactions, despite some claims I've seen. You can buy an item that you can place that lets you teleport back to that point, kind of like fast traveling to a map marker. These items are available in game along with fixed fast travel points between major cities. So the reviewers would have had access to fast travel they just wouldn't have been able to use real money buy them whenever they needed them.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 quest lead says early access wouldn't work for CDPR the way it did for Larian, and the studio prefers 'to have a banging release where everything is as close to perfection as can be...
  • So, did that whole "late discovery" thing just not happen with Cyberpunk? Because I just have a hard time imagining CDPR looking at the state that game launched in and thinking that they'd made a game that was basically perfect. I mean, at least they learned in time for Phantom Liberty's release, I guess.

  • Critically acclaimed Dragon's Dogma 2 hits "mostly negative" on Steam after players raze it for microtransactions
  • The microtransactions are bad enough, but the fact that none of these were present in the build given to reviewers just makes it worse. I mean people would still be complaining about them, but I don't think the backlash would be as bad if Capcom had made it clear from the start that the game was going to be riddled with microtransactions.

  • No Baldur's Gate 3 DLC from Larian Studios, and it's not making Baldur's Gate 4 either
  • It's a shame we're not getting more Baldur's Gate from Larian, but it's completely understandable. All the people they worked with and trusted at WOTC have probably been laid off and Hasbro is probably desperate to replicate BG3's success. There's no way they'd be given the same creative freedom they had when they were originally working on BG3. Looking forward to whatever they put out next.

  • Alpha Protocol is available once again on GOG
  • GOG continues to do great work. Alpha Protocol isn't necessarily a good game, but it has a lot of interesting ideas in between long stretches of glitches, jank, and broken gameplay. Hopefully this sells well enough to justify bringing more abandoned titles to GOG. The little mini-documentary they put out going over the process of getting the game on GOG is also great and highlights all the recent efforts to push back against the "own nothing and be happy" mindset game companies are trying to push.

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