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Vulkan or DirectX on Linux?
  • Directx 11 in this case, played bg3 on Linux and that was the only option that worked, and it did work quite well.

    As for when to use one or the other, just check protondb. People usually leave what they played on, they even leave some useful launch commands or solutions to issues that could possibly arise, so it's always worth a look.

  • Serbia moment
  • I have a friend in Serbia and apparently it's just an election stunt. What the proposal from UN aims to do is to just establish a day of remembrance to a genocide that happened, but the ruling party has twisted it into "UN is trying to declare us as a genocidal nation" to garner increased support from the nationalists.

    The election itself is a re-run of a previous election, due to the previous election being pretty much rigged by the same ruling party. Simply incredible.

  • Study casts doubt on ‘wokeness’ of US university courses
  • Obviously this study was done by people who are part of the far-left liberal establishment and are lying /s

    But seriously, I doubt that people who buy into anti-woke rhetoric are going to care, they're stuck in this "us vs them" bubble that's incredibly difficult to escape from.

  • gotta do it
  • I used to also subscribe to this idea, treating Trump as a wake up call for the left in the US, but clearly this didn't happen in his first term.

    There's no large-scale support for the left, barely any effective organization, very few left-wing politicians who could actually do anything. If Trump got a second term, the response would likely not be any different.

  • Vanguard takes screenshots of your PC every time you play a game
  • I've tried to see if this is real but I fail to find any source code leaks for Vanguard or if it has ever been leaked. The poster himself also doesn't seem that credible unless your definition of credible is "THE TERROR OF RIOT GAMES".

    Am I missing something or is this post likely just bullshit?

    EDIT: It's does seem to be real, though in the same thread other people with higher reputation did chime in that it doesn't take screenshots of your other monitors, just the one Valorant is on.

  • Russia has forked Wikipedia, featuring "better truths"
  • Suspect this might be clickbait, they didn't ban the original wiki. I've asked a friend of mine from Russia to verify this and they were able to access the 'old' wiki, both English and Russian version just fine.

  • Seen this countless times
  • My very first distro was Manjaro actually - I tried it twice but there would always be some graphics related issue I would encounter that I couldn't troubleshoot as a beginner (even though I'd spend a week looking for a solution on forums), and I'd move back to Windows. Finally getting the courage to try out Arch which was considered the "big scary meme distro" was what made me stay with Linux.

    The biggest thing for me was that I actually knew what was installed on my system and what the function most of the major programs served (things like xorg, multilib graphics drivers, pipewire/pulseaudio, desktop environments/window managers), so whenever I encountered an issue or wanted to customize something, I would sort of know where to start looking.

    Of course, all this depends on the person - not all power users are the same. For me, arch worked best but someone else might gravitate towards fedora, debian or whatever else and their way of doing things.

  • Seen this countless times
  • Arch isn't a bad choice for a new Linux user who was a power user on Windows. You get to actually know what's installed on your system which can really help during the inevitable troubleshooting, though it's definitely a trial by fire when it comes to manual install and setting up the environment.

    Recommending Gentoo to a new user though is a war crime.

  • Sree Fpeech
  • I don't use twitter but I'm 99.9% sure it's some unrelated person (jordan) linking two tweets of another person (Caitlin) in the same message to point out their hypocrisy.

  • A few drinks in, and I immediately start talking about the inevitable collapse of humanity in the hands of capitalism.
  • The west, so afraid of strong government, now has no government. Only financial power. Slogans such as "governments have limited power by design" come from well-paid researchers, think tanks funded by big businesses. It's privately funded propaganda, like the Trilateral Commision in United States, for instance.

  • seize the means of production
  • If the government decides to privatize utilities like electricity/gas or whatever, then sure it is freedom for some rich business owners to open up new businesses. However, this also results in those utilities becoming profit driven (as opposed to being for the public), and literally everyone in the country having to pay much more than they were paying previously.

    My country had electricity privatized around 4 years ago, and in result we have to pay a lot more, not to mention about numerous fraud cases that were all over the news during and after the privatization period.

    If you think that rich business owners being able to open up a couple of business at the expense of fucking over the public is a good thing and being against it is some weird hexbear delusion, then I'd advise you to get out of the libertarian bubble and look at the real world instead.