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Gameplay mechanics were also a lot better with more replayability.
  • My games never came with a manual. Maybe because we swapped them in school shamelessly. Not needing to be online was a great bone because it made copying so much easier.

  • Russian troops raped and tortured children in Ukraine, U.N. panel says
  • My Grand-Grand-Grandmother offered herself to soviet soldiers so they didn't rape her daughter (around 30 back then) and grandchildren (2-10). The Soviet War Memorial in Berlin is nicknamed "Memorial of the Unknown Rapist".

    My Grand-Grand-Grandmother sacrifice didn't help and therefore one of my ancestor is a raping soviet soldier. And if you learn that your Grand-Aunt just can't remember being raped because she was too young...

  • Russian troops raped and tortured children in Ukraine, U.N. panel says
  • It’s frightening how easily people can lose their moral compass, and behave so disgustingly.

    The Russians didn't lose their moral compass. They never had one.

  • Zu doof zum Posten
  • Hast Du mal versucht in r/de oder r/jokes oder r/binichdasarschloch etwas zu posten?

    Es ist verdammtnochmal fast unmöglich! Die Regeln sind 20-50 Seiten lang, gespickt mit nicht erklärten Fachtermini. Ja, in kleinen Subreddits mit fünf Posts in der Woche bekommt man was durch.

    Ne, also für mich ist Reddit abseits kleiner Spartenreddits völlig nutzlos.

    Ach und dass Telepolis radikaler Mist ist und die Moderatoren dort lustvoll Gegenstimmen löschen das brauchen wir nicht diskutieren.

  • Dont get it twisted.
  • I must confess, currently I am not even living on my own. A storm in 2019 destroyed the apartment my fiance and I lived in and as housing is insanely hard to find in Germany we fled literally into my old childhood room at my parents house and annexed the room of my brother too - he hasn't needed it for like five years so who cares. Which is fine because I am working at my family business anyway and it is just a two minutes walk from home. Then the Pandemic hit and in 2023 my fiance and afterwards we realized how much money we had saved - because my parents only charge a miniscoul amount of money from us - we can literally buy a complete house, something we didn't even think about five years ago.

    Another renter in the wrecked apartment building moved into a trailer park, or to be more precise, a container park - yes, they exist around here too but are not as Ultra-Low-Class as i have seen them in the US. It is okeyish and pretty cheap and you can literally get a container on short notice but usually they are so deep in the bonneys that you need to ride to work on a horse. I mean when the shit really hits the fan this seems a good emergency solution even in the US. I have been visiting some when I did work-study (*1) over there and while they were less nice than those around here I was surprised how nice the people around there were.

    (*1) I am mortician and embalmer and we picked up some deceased over there for funeral preparations. Which means we had very close interaction and looking into private stuff, literally helping the local police to recover papers and documents from their stuff.

  • Dont get it twisted.
  • You have no idea how hard it is to get rid of an unwilling renter as a landlord in Germany. In the event of rent arrears of two months' rent or more, the landlord can terminate the lease without notice. Only then can he or she file an action for eviction which can take another two to four months. And if the tenant only pays the arrears for one month, the cycle starts all over again. I have seen people dragging this out for five years and when leaving the premise they left behind a battlefield. And absurdetly I am not even allowed to burn or sell their shit because it is still their properties so I have to store it, show it to a bailiff for evaluation, sell the few things worth anything, then store it for another two years and only then I am legally allowed to burn it.

    (And yes, my brother missed his rent a couple of times but always caught up after one or two months. Given how expensive rents in Germany are we are not talking about small sums. A 1960th 84m² apartment in a suburb is around €1500, a 1870th 70m² apartment in the centre of munich is around €3500 per month. The penthouse my brother lives in... just short of five digits. If he ever gets seriously sick he will go broke within two months and will take decades to pay of the debts. Again, he has no long term insurrances, no savings, nothing at all. And social wellfare and social health care of a couple of €100 will only bring him so far...)

  • Dont get it twisted.
  • I disagree. You are NOT poor just because you end up without money at the months end.

    My brother is an perfect example. He earns A TON of cash every month. Nearly as much as I, my fiance, my Dad and Mum combined.

    And still he lives from payday to payday without any reserves. Because he can not handle money.

    He eats in restaurants at least ten times a week. At least twice in highest luxury restaurants. He has leased four different cars in three years, none less than €2000 per month. Lifes in an absurdetly huge penthouse. Buys his girl friend so much bullshit she gave me a €5.000 collier because she ran out of space and I drove her home after parties a couple of times. But still he asked Pa and me several times for fuel money at the end of the month.

    See, if he would live like I do he could live two years from one months earnings.

    So you think I am poor I guess?

    Nope. I own a huge plot of land. I am going to build my own house and I am talking about a nice big house made from stone at the gates of Munich where land is expensive and houses are even more expensive. I have paid generous amounts of pension insurance. If I would stop working in five years when I am 35 I would be a made girl and could live from my savings although on a low level.

  • This will be a funny one to explain to grandkids one day
  • I watched a documentary on DWTV about a similiar phenomena in Germany. There was a specific sort of bread, a cheap one, which stood fresh for two weeks if packed well. During the pandemic it suddenly stood fresh for NINE MONTHS. The finder of that bread was some sort of forensic specialist and because during the pandemic crime pretty much vanished he had too much time and explored that phenomena.

    So, did they put more chemicals into the bread to keep it more fresh?

    Actually, no. wholemeal bread stays due to the acid produced by the leavening during baking which is a natural process. Actually ALL bread stays in theory fresh "forever".

    But. If it gets contaminated with fungus spores then those can slowly break up acids in the bread. Well, the final verdict was: Before the pandemic most bakers were so fucking dirty and contaminated that they pretty much only delivered fungus-contaminated bread. During the pandemic though the bakers were required to sanitize their work space and themselves a lot more thorough. And that made the bread free of fungus.

    The forensic specialist has kept another bread for over three years now. It is as fresh as the first day. No chemicals involved, just wrapped airtight into a plastic foil.

  • MEGATHREAD Trump Disqualified from 2024 Election per Colorado Supreme Court
  • Recently I watched "The Man in the High Castle" and had a good laugh at the stupid story. Like Germany would have ever been able to conquer the US and put it under Fascism rule. No. When America goes fascist it will do so out of its own choice, by its own politicians, elected by their own population. Like my grandpa once said:

    *"The proletariat is so stupid that they vote their own executioner into power just for the vague hope of seeing their hated neighbour in front of them in the queue for the gallows."

    "Das Proletariat ist so verblödet dass sie ihren eigenen Henker an die Macht wählen nur aus der vagen Hoffnung zu sehen wie ihr verhaßter Nachbar vor ihnen in der Schlange vorm Galgen steht."*

  • CNN Host Left Stunned As IDF Confirms Israel Hit Refugee Camp With Airstrike
  • Stop using bad drugs. They make your stupid.

  • CNN Host Left Stunned As IDF Confirms Israel Hit Refugee Camp With Airstrike
  • Technical speaking by hosting military units it became a legitimate target.

    War is hell, isn't it?

  • How to stop mass shootings in a nutshell by one political party
  • Shouldn't "mass shootings" include "mass"?

    I mean a shooting with 0 dead surely doesn't count as such and three people from a youth gang isn't exactly a typical mass shooting either.

  • How to stop mass shootings in a nutshell by one political party
  • The target wasn't elevated. We were elevated. I tried to explain that the duck was just taking speed to take off but honestly I don't know the right English word for that maneuver. And as I hinted, I had fired the exact same rifle two years earlier at our gun club several times. Also, I paid with an aching shoulder for my recklessness.

  • How to stop mass shootings in a nutshell by one political party
  • Edit: "Not Qualified" is not the right wording. Because Qualification only plays a secondary role. It is all about the licence.

    In Germany carrying a gun without the right licence would be illegal possesion of a firearm.

    But wait, even if you have a licence you can get fined for illegal transport and handling of a firearm.

    Carrying a conceiled small sidearm without a special permit is big trouble. Transporting a firearm without a locked enclosure and not seperated from the ammunition is also a serious offence. At home you need a locked container. All in all it got so complicated that my Dad stopped storing guns at home. He sold one and put the other into the gun club. The club is really helpful, we can lend legal transport containers and for guns which we are not allowed to move in public they offer transport services for a small fee, usually that means a police officer moves the gun in his free time using legal transport containers in exchange for a beer.

    Classic case: Someone dies and you find a loaded pistol in his inheritance. You bring it to the police. You did three offences: Carrying a conceiled firearm in public, carrying a firearm without proper container, carrying a loaded firearm. The legal way would have been: Calling the police to retrieve the firearm. To be honest, the state attourney usually closes those cases rather quick as "minor incident without criminal intent" but you still get a serious talk.

    There are some exceptions for old historic muzzleloaders which are often fired at historic events without bullets. We don't have those so I don't know barely anything about those rules.

  • How to stop mass shootings in a nutshell by one political party
  • That is another thing worth comparing: A driving licence in the US costs between $20 and $500. Practically no training required. In Germany it costs €2000-€4000 with a lot of theoretical and practical lessons. And that is the reason why you are allowed to drive at 250kmh at the Autobahn.

  • How to stop mass shootings in a nutshell by one political party
  • In Germany we have on average more privately owned guns than most US states. Still... we had just TWO mass shooting in 20 years.


    In short: You have to qualify to own a gun. Assholes don't get guns. And by fullfilling the laws to own a gun you actually earn respect in your community.

    I am member of a German gun club where the local population, the regional police and a couple of NATO soldiers train. It took me nearly one year before I even was allowed to touch a loaded gun, all through my 14th year I was basically just taught how to clean and repair my rifle, how to handle it, how to NOT use it, only then how to use it. And after ten months I was finally given a single bullet.

    I am now 30. Nowadays my family owns and shares a Sig Sauer 200, locked inside the gun club. Everyone except my Mum shots around 25 bullets per month, once a year the whole gun club repeats basic training which includes mental health checks.

    And after basic training we have special events. For example six years ago a local NATO garrison was massively downsized and so they offered us to use up their overaged surplus ammunition. I got to shot pretty much anything from 9mm to 7,62mm for basically free - we collected money for the victims of a local house fire so I put €50 into the collection.

    Did I ever shot a gun outside the gun club?

    Actually: Yes. When I was in the US I joined my Uncle on duck hunt. He was like "ok, hold the big rifle while I show you how to shot a duck using 12gd bird shot." - he misses, I aim and shot the duck mid-air with a .308. I didn't know ducks could explode, but yes, they can. I paid with a badly aching shoulder, I wasn't used to those powerful cadridges any more. He looked angry at me and grumbled the plan was to eat the duck not turn them into fine mist. The other three ducks he left for me to shot and wondered where I had learned to operate a gun like that.

    When I told him a US lieutenant taught me to operate exaclty the same rifle in my gun club he was like "WTF?". I might mention the lieutenant immediatelly settled down in my town after his duty was over because he liked Bavaria so much and wanted his kids to grow up in a less crazy nation.

  • I used the poor to defeat the poor
  • The same is true within the EU countries. But as far as I know the US also demands "real time access without notice to the bakn or owner of the account" and that is something which simply isn't allowed within the EU. An US citizen can in theory agree to this but then only a few banks even have the technical framework to offer such an access.

    Within the EU the police can also request banking data but need a signed court order and the data isn't delivered in real time and by the bank itself and the customer gets informed afterwards.

  • I used the poor to defeat the poor
  • Same here in Germany. The heirs of a deceased relative and a living cousin are currently trying to get the money back from the bank for some overcharge fees happening between 2008 and 2015. It is only around €300 for everything but you gotta teach them a lesson or else...

  • I used the poor to defeat the poor
  • Funny fact: As an US citizen it is INCREDIBLE HARD to open a foreign banking account. My local German bank simply rejects ALL US customers except when they want to invest a million or more. Because the paper work is HORRIBLE. I on the other hand can easily open a banking account in Finland, Spain, Great Britain or Greece. With some limitations even in Canada, Japan and Mexiko. For an US citizen: End Boss Level. Some even have fantastic service and interest rates.

  • I used the poor to defeat the poor
  • And another thing were Europeans are better. Paying "fines" for overdrawing your banking account are illegal as are "fines" for failed withdrawals. We had them in the past for a while but the courts smashed that scheme to pieces. On the other hand, often banks do not even allow overdrawing. You hit Zero? End of the Line. Good Customers often get a credit up to some thousand Euro. I have specifically asked to limit my credit frame to €100. Because even while I don't pay a fine for "overdrawing" I still pay absurde interest rates for overcharging - around 0,03% per day = 12,5% per year.

    Then there is another thing, two of the five largest banks for end users in Germany are "cooperative banks" which means they are not allowed to make a profit. They are practically owned by their customers. They aren't exactly "the banks with the best interest rates" but overall a lot more relaxed than the competitors. On the other hand... they don't accept every customer. Mostly small businesses and farmers.

    Also all banks are forced to cooperate a lot more than US banks which is why credit cards and their often absurd costs are mostly unknown around here.

    Edit, I just checked if my bank also offers to refill my daily account from my other accounts if it reaches Zero... in fact it DOES. For Free.