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How Elon Musk Went from Innovative Car Maker to Racist Demagogue Just Like Henry Ford
  • Haha, Lemmy hates Elon so much...

    Does he really have hyperloops to dream up and Mars colonies to plan, or is that just marketing drivel to appeal to certain types?

    Well Mars is for sure the plan. He absolutely wants to build a city on Mars, and he absolutely has made strides in that direction with the starship. I'm not sure I'd want to live in muskberg though...

    Also to his credit, the world has electric cars now. It was Tesla that made that happen, it was not inevitable. The traditional auto makers were resisting electric vehicles really hard, they did not want to build them... They only started building them to not be left behind.

    I agree that he seems to have turned into a white hot ball of crazy. But his companies have had a pretty big and quite positive impact. I mean, compare Tesla and Coca-Cola, which is really doing more for the world? Compare SpaceX and Raytheon, both of those companies make rockets, but Raytheon makes them exclusively with warheads... I just look at what musk has built and I don't see the problem that everyone else here seems to.

  • Wild New Study Suggests Gravity Can Exist Without Mass
  • I've always wondered why people treat dark matter as a concrete fact. "Dark force" would be a better name, since we don't even know that there's matter there! We only presume it's gravity keeping galaxies together and we only presume that it's gravity due to matter. We also only presume that space is homogenous and that gravity has an equal effect across all regions of space.

  • SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • So you're doubling down? You do know what other people are thinking? Must be nice.

    My entire point was that it doesn't make sense to judge someone for something they absolutely didn't say.

    Feel free to judge them on things they have said, that's fine. And musk has in fact said and done a bunch of awful things, which is exactly why you just don't need to make shit up.

    Edit: Hey look, I'm not expecting you to agree with me (this is the Internet, people don't just change their minds), so I'm just going to drop it.

  • SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • But you do know exactly what Elon would say?

    Your projecting because by injecting your own assumptions into his motivations, you're turning Elon into the villain you want him to be. It's a natural thing to do, people are complicated and they're easier to imagine as black and white, good or evil, hero or villain. It's just not real.

  • SpaceX retrieves space junk from Saskatchewan farmer
  • Well, I can tell you for sure they aren't foot rests... There's 2 reasons for that, first, the crew dragon capsule that actually carries people isn't left to burn up in reentry, it renters, deploys parachutes and it's recovered (preferably with astronauts). The second reason is that the dragon doesn't use that kind of foot rest dragon capsule interior.

    The pieces look to me like they're all part of the fairing. This makes some sense because the fairing has to walk a very fine line. It's whole job is to protect the payload and not burn up in ascent, but then it's supposed to totally burn up on descent. In practice, it doesn't always work out that way.

    Also in the photo, look at all that gross looking black fiber coming off of it. I think that's all partially burned carbon fiber composite. I know the fairing is made of carbon fiber, so that fits pretty well.

    As for rocket launch timing, spaceX launches almost twice a week. If this is from a fairing, it could be from almost any of those launches (excluding the manned missions, because they don't use a fairing).

  • Microsoft addresses Windows Recall backlash, promises to fix security issues and make it opt-in
  • Ok, I'm gonna be perfectly honest, Microsoft recall, copilot, hello... I don't know what any of these things are. And I'm pretty sure I like it that way.

    I do use Windows every day, (windows 10 and 7), but I haven't heard any reason to ever upgrade from these. All these "services" do not seem like a "value add" to me.

  • ‘Let yourself be monitored’: EU governments to agree on Chat Control with user “consent” [updated]
  • Well I have to admit, those are some pretty snazzy tricks...

    Using tor on a per app basis is pretty cool, I wonder what the security implications are for that? If some, but not all of your traffic is going through tor, I wonder if it's easier to disentangle somehow... Probably it's still secure though.

  • Massive explosion rocks SpaceX Texas facility, Starship engine in flames
  • Well, basically that whole post is simply incorrect.

    SpaceX is definitely 1 company the whole company has the same CEO (Gwynne Shotwell) who oversees the whole operation. And for what it's worth, the highly successful falcon 9 definitely was one of those "Lame brained" ideas once. "Landing an orbital class rocket is ****impossible" that was the prevailing wisdom, because it had never been done before. SpaceX is experimenting, figuring out what's actually possible and redesigning a rocket from the ground up. The falcon 9 was the first phase of redesigning, it proved that you can make a rocket cheaper and you can further optimize a staged combustion cycle rocket engine, more than anyone has in the past, and finally it proved that you can land a booster and reuse it. The starship is phase two of that process, (Reusing the whole thing). They've switched from kerosene to methane, a change that will make engines much more reliable for extended use. They've figured out how to make very large rocket bodies out of sheet metal. And they've figured out how to mass produce the first ever reliable full flow staged combustion engines (That's a very big deal)! In short, nothing about Starship is "Lame brained".

    The Boca Chica SpaceX is burning money ... This siphons off money from the Falcon SpaceX which takes away from improving the Falcon 9 launch system,

    The boca chica facility is not taking money away from development of falcon 9, there is no development of falcon 9, it's done, the design set in stone. Ever since they started ferrying astronauts NASA needs them to stick with a set design. They got that design (called block 3) approved for crew use by NASA and from this point on they're only allowed to make very minor changes to the rocket.

    Musk is an idiot but no one can tell him no at his companies.

    I actually agree that Musk has some problems and seriously needs some people who can tell him "no". He needs that in his companies and he needs that at home, I think he's got some addictions he needs to deal with before they ruin him.