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Coffee, eggs and white rice linked to higher levels of PFAS in human body
  • Maybe add links to data sources and separate items that are objectively negative from those that someone may prefer? (i.e., reliability being low is always bad, left or right leaning being bad is based on individual perspectives.

  • World's largest sodium-ion battery goes into operation - Energy Storage
  • Economy of scale matters, so does practicality. Which one is generally lasting longer per number of charges and what's the long term viability of both given the time they were build and the available tech at that time? I totally understand the greater availability of sodium vs lithium. However, will it last? Last time I read much about it, reliability was weak, charge capacity over time dropped drastically, and failures were high. (It has been a couple of years, so things may be changing. )

    Something new and shiney can be nifty, but past that, what is this? It seems like an expensive hood ornament that will rust in the rain. Lithium is expensive and toxic to mine, but so are all metals to some extent, and this has plenty.

    It seems like it's buying something 25% off on a $100 thing that won't last well. Sure, you saved $25 once, but you're buying 3 of them in the same time frame.

  • (sigh)
  • Typically, this means:

    1. You're sending too much frivilous crap mail.
    2. You're viewed as a time cost with low benefit.
    3. Your organization is sending too much crap mail, and no one is reading much of anything.

    You control 2 of those. The first two have the same solution, send less mail, and label your crap messages as such. (We all have crap mail we need to send to meet technical obligations, but label it to be easily filtered.)

  • Worst is UTC vs GMT
  • I just linked it to show the rare piece of bipartisanship. I agree DLST should be done away with. As to which schedule to keep, I find it to be 6 of one and half dozen of another. The difference is just another nit pick someone will find excuses to argue over.

  • goddamnit
  • Literally, you answered your own question. From the user end, unsupported file types of any frequently shared format are garbage. No one cares on the user end about server space. They care about sharing a funny image. They don't care about 2 extra ms of load speed. They want shit to just work.

    It's the same reason Open Office sucks. You can't rely on it to just work. As much as dev's hate it (myself too), reliability is king. Webp fails this measure, badly.

  • How do you pay someone for art and know the cost?

    Just an honest, open question. I have an idea of like to have for a hat. However, knowing how to go about getting the correct file formats or knowing the cost of what is asked for in advance seems like a foreign language. Much less if there are design corrections back and forth. I've dealt with organizational offices doing similar, but never anything private. Is that even a thing?