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Captain Price seems to die in a cut ending from Modern Warfare 3, uncovered 13 years later
  • COD4:MW had an actually good story with incredible use of action set pieces like missiles launching, a nuke going off, and the now legendary AC-130 section that was almost an idle game in the middle of a shooter. The story was so good that it grabbed folks in the industry and after almost 20 years later it is still relevant.

    Every other game tried to copy the style but none managed to actually replicate the critical success of the single player shooter. Especially when the buzz was around the genre defining multiplayer.

    Call of Duty:Modern Warfare is a stunning game and well worth the effort to get through the story. The rest... retread the same territory as the GOAT.

  • TIL John Krasinski fought for a deaf actress Millicent Simmonds to be cast in 'A Quiet Place'; she taught everyone sign language on set.
  • Studios and producers, the people who pay for the movie and ultimately end up being the people who make decisions about what to do with the movie after it is made, like re-editing and distribution. There could have been a very real fight with a producer who wanted a big named star to be more recognizable than an unknown.

  • Russia's Kharkiv offensive – what is the plan?
  • The tactical wins are probably not intended to be built on for additional gains. The real point was having video footage of Russia ground wins to recycle for another year. It's propaganda harvesting.

  • Nicolas Cage film 'The Surfer' induces knee-buckling six minute standing ovation at Cannes
  • There has only been one surf film, ever, worth the time of an auteur and that is Bruce Brown’s seminal masterpiece The Endless Summer. Others, including Point Break, North Shore, Blue Crush are cute.

    Such disrespect against Big Wednesday shall not stand.

  • Trying to predict human ingenuity is hard
  • George Caley helped create aero sciences and developed the forces of lift by the early 1800s. He was a towering figure of English science and couldn't get off the ground so if Real Men of Science weren't able to get it to work then it was hopeless for the common man.

    After a century of countless deaths from gliders and bad parachutes, the New York Times clearly chose the easy way and said 'its just too difficult' and was banking on timid traditionalism to keep the statement true.

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