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Fetterman has to be one of the biggest disappointments for the left in recent memory
  • Ok. What if I break into your house, lock you up in the toilet and regularly beat you and your family up? Worse, the Police is actively supporting it. Would you fight back any way you can? Would your actions be called "terrorism" or "extremism"? Would you not fight back even when you know the odds are against you? Fuck off, Zionist.

  • Why People Don’t Catch The Politics In Their Favorite Games
  • Do we always want to play as the good guys? Are all actors to be prohibited from portraying bad guys? Is all media going to end up like Barney the Purple Dinosaur episodes? Games, movies, books, songs are supposed to be entertaining.

  • Mystery of ancient Roman dodecahedron baffling experts as it goes on display in UK
  • He's saying that archaeologists have a tendency to grandiously assign religious or ceremonial purposes to uncovered objects when they should start with mundane purposes first. This object looks like a dice. Therefore, the first potential purpose should be a dice, not a mystical device to contact the Goa'uld.

  • Son, we need to have a serious talk!
  • You don't know anything. There's a reason that the real name of "bears" is taboo in many cultures. Just the act of saying its true name made the ancients shit their pants in fear of accidently summoning one. Bears are no joke. They kill on a whim. You can't reason with bears. You can't plead with bears. Bears are equal opportunity killers. They kill men, women, children, trans, straight, queer, ponybros, attack helicopters all the same. Your only chance is to make yourself appear too much a hassle that they rather go eat something else. Let all these women and men who approve of the OP's post be tested irl. See if they will sing the same tune.

  • Chinese scientist who first published COVID sequence protests after being locked out of his lab
  • The virus originated in Wuhan. It was initially called the Wuhan virus but China bribed/coerced the corrupt WHO to rename it. The virus originiated from China's wild game meat market. They eat everything under the sun including (not kidding) rocks and literal shit. This practice is an embarrasment to the CCP. So, they seek to save face at all cost, even when millions will die.

  • Columbia Begins to Suspend Student Protesters
  • Such a protest is unthinkable merely 5 years ago. Both the Left and the Right hates Israel. The latter only pretends to like Israel because they think it will accelerate The Rapture. As if you can force God to do something. Blasphemy.